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As some of you know if you follow my Instagram (@duke4005), I was invited to The Running Event in Austin, Texas, the first week of December. This is an expo for running companies big and small (one company had reflective running gear…for dogs). Snacks, clothes, recovery, audio — everything was represented well.

One of the companies I was EXTREMELY happy to meet with was Topo Athletic. I had never heard of this company before the invite, but I quickly did some homework. Their mission statement:

“A footwear brand created for and by athletes with a mission to develop gear that amplifies your body’s amazing natural abilities. Our shoes work with you, not for you, because we know you have what it takes to be great.”

It says exactly what I found while reviewing the shoes.

Topo builds shoes based on three core concepts: shape, platform, and weight. The shape is slimmer in the heel and midfoot and wider in the toebox, just like your foot. The platform on Topo shoes is as close to zero drop as needed for a certain line, from the 0mm Tribute to the highly cushioned MagniFly, which has a 5mm drop. And weight? The MagniFly, the cushioned shoe, weighs in at 8.8 ounces in a men’s size 9. That is the CUSHIONED shoe.

I also had the opportunity to interview Georgia Shaw while there, and the amount of knowledge was astounding. What isn’t always seen is the LOVE for a company the Topo team has. The employees have a true belief in the ideas and designs, something I think most will agree is missing in the big brands of my usual product reviews.

If you aren’t into the pics I made, hit the next page for the full written review. The MagniFly is my weapon for this saga. Let us begin.

Topo Magnifly performance review 1

Topo Magnifly performance review 2

Topo Magnifly performance review 3

Topo Magnifly performance review 4

Topo Magnifly performance review 5



  1. more companies should realize that the shoe should fit your feet.
    awesome review, definitely interested in this brand

  2. Very detailed performance review by Duke. Weartesters always trying smaller braand companies and i love that.

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