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SoleSavy Presents: The Best OG Air Jordans Mike Never Played In

The primary Air Jordan line has a long and storied history that stems back to Michael Jordan’s rookie year in 1984 and continues today in 2020. Although beloved by most sneakerheads, there’s always been some misconceptions behind just which Jordans MJ actually wore on court.

SoleSavy’s comprehensive feature article clears up the confusion by listing the best Jordans that the Jumpman himself either never wore or only wore in photographs and commercials.

Everything from the Air Jordan I to the Air Jordan XVIII is discussed. For prosperity’s sake, even the shoes that MJ rocked every OG retail version of, such as the IIs, VIIs, and VIIIs are included.

You can read the full piece over at Solesavy.

Read at Solesavy

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