Rope Lace Supply Fall / Winter Collection 2015

The folks over at Rope Lace Supply unveiled their 2015 Fall / Winter Collection. All of the pieces in the collection, besides the leather laces of course, are reflective and sport the premium quality people have come to love about RLS products.

A cool thing RLS is doing is putting their new premium flat laces in Timbs. The Fall / Winter collection contains five new colors: Solid Dark Purple, 3M Wheat Yellow, 3M Brown, 3M Burgundy, 3M Light Pink, and 3M Forest Green. All five new laces come in 48″ or 51″ variants. I’ve never seen it done but it’s a dope look, especially with the 3M pink laces in the black Timbs.

The Jordan I Breds below feature the brand new Rope Lace Supply Leather Lace Vol 2. They flaunt thinner metal aglets (to fit in all shoes), come in two sizes (51″ or 60″) and four different colors, and retail for $25.

RLS also has more new offerings including a flat white 3M lace (seen in the white adidas Ultra Boost below), a black neoprene lace (seen in the black Yeezy Boosts), and black 3M Roshe laces (seen in the red bottomed Roshes).

To purchase from the new RLS collection, click here. For the new Leather Lace V2, click here.

Thoughts on the Rope Lace Supply Fall / Winter collection? Would you rock the RLS laces in your Timbs? Let me know in the comments.

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