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Randy Booker: On-Court Training Update

Randy Booker is back! Well… sort of.

Randy is actually in Mexico preparing for his first ever professional basketball season. Today, Randy gives us an update on whats been going on and what to expect in the future. Once his season starts we can expect another delay, however, there are already plenty of tutorials to help you become a better player in our On-Court Training section.

Check out the update video below and be sure to congratulate Randy in the comment section.

  1. Great randy I’m happy for you don’t let this opportunity slip don’t take it for granted stay focused and REMEBER that the war is just getting started but yo channel weak I know what’s going on but get some steady content on your bball channel before considering gaming

  2. Thank God for you man! Congratulations, I’m happy for your breakthrough ;). I’ve been fortunate enough to have watched your videos for the last few years (thanks to Nightwing’s posts on his site, formerly known as Kicks on Court) and I’ve incorporated some of your stuff successfully into my workout regimen, specifically the dynamic pre-workout warm-up and the myofascial release stretching. So BIG thank you! Enjoy your blessing and embrace it! (P.S. The gaming stuff isn’t a bad idea.)

  3. Randy! I did not know you are here in México, i’m mexican and a big fan of you, i hope we can meet one day, keep on working hard and dreaming. You are one of my inspirations.

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