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Puma GS-ONE Performance Review


The Puma GS-ONE is a fashion-focused, spikeless golf shoe with a lot of promise. Is this budget performer solid enough to crack into your golf shoe rotation?

Keeping the price in mind, let’s take a deeper dive into the performance aspects of the Puma GS-ONE and decide together whether the performance matches the lower-than-average price point.


Release Date: August 2022

Price: $130

Sizing: True to size

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  • Rundown: For the price, the Puma GS-ONE features adequate cushion and comfort, but mediocre traction.


  • Cushion
  • Style
  • Price


  • Traction
  • Fit
The Puma GS-One looks great!



In order to bring down the price point, the Puma GS-ONE features nothing remarkable in the cushion category. You’re not going to get any of Puma’s proprietary cushion setups like Adapt Foam or Ignite. Instead, Puma opted for a simple setup of EVA foam…and a lot of it. Just look at how chunky these things are!

This will not be the most comfortable shoe you’ve ever put on, and when compared to the Puma PROADAPT Alphacat the GS-ONE is very bare-bones. Despite this, I found the foam midsole to be surprisingly soft and comfortable enough. Those looking for a bouncy, responsive ride should look elsewhere, though. 

Most often when I’m examining the comfort and cushion of a golf shoe, I try to keep it simple. Did my feet hurt after the round? Nope! And that’s a good thing.


The Puma Golf System line of shoes is generally more fashion-forward than they are technology-packed. This is evident with the Puma GS-ONE. Similar to the RS-G, this shoe does not look like a golf shoe. Instead, this chunky runner-style shoe could easily be mistaken for something you’d wear casually, and that’s ok.

Remember, there are plenty of new golfers out there that would sacrifice some performance to look good, and this shoe certainly fits the bill in that regard.


Any golf shoe that’s under the $150 price point is probably considered a budget shoe at this point (disregarding sales of course). Coming in at $130, the Puma GS-ONE does fulfill a need for budget golf shoes. 

You’re getting what you pay for, sure, but the niche needs to be filled nonetheless. The barrier to entry for golf is pretty high when you think about it from a cost perspective, so I’m all for budget golf shoes that make the barrier a little less daunting. 

The traction on the Puma GS-ONE left me wanting more.



The trend I’ve noticed with a lot of these cheaper, more style-focused golf shoes is lackluster traction. The nubs on the bottom of the Puma GS-ONE just don’t provide much in the way of traction or grip. 

I’d equate the traction here to that of the Adidas Samba Golf I just reviewed…it exists but doesn’t do a whole lot. Keep that in mind, especially if you play in a wet climate. You’re not going to be slipping and sliding all over the place, sure, but the traction could be beefier.

In a world where spikeless setups on the Puma PROADAPT Alphacat perform so well, I wonder why they couldn’t replicate that here? Odds are the traction had to be sacrificed to keep the budget down. In that case, most will find the traction to be so-so, but I was left wanting more.


Because of the massive foam midsole, I felt the heel drop on the Puma GS-ONE caused the shoe to fit a little funky. I’m not sure of the exact measurements of the heel drop, but I found it hard to keep my toes from jamming into the end of the shoe. I would have liked to have seen a more neutral setup here to avoid this discomfort and problems with the fit. 

Overall, the Puma GS-ONE is a solid budget golf shoe.

Puma GS-ONE Summary

For $130, the price is right for Puma GS-ONE. This wallet-friendly, stylish golf shoe is easy on your wallet and performs well enough to justify the beginner or budget golfer picking up a pair.

You’re not going to get insane cushion, premium materials, or the best traction in the world, but you are getting a serviceable golf shoe that looks pretty darn good. As mentioned, golf is expensive, and budget shoes like the Puma GS-ONE must exist to fill a niche for all the golfers that want to spend less on their footwear.

Looking for a good budget golf shoe to kick start your golf addiction? Then the PUMA GS-ONE is worth a try.

Total Score


  • Cushion
  • Style
  • Price


  • Traction
  • FIt

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