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Performance Deals: Last Call Sizes for PEAK TP1

PEAK Sports Canada has a few sizes remaining in the three PEAK TP1 colorways you see below. They’ve been discounted a bit, so if you wanted to grab a pair and they happen to have your size available… you can save a little cash while doing so.

Performance Deals Last Call Sizes for PEAK TP1

  1. man, who thought it would be a good idea to put neon green laces on some black and red sneakers?
    i’m hoping i can find these when i go up to china later this month, they’ve been on my mind for a minute now…

  2. I love the look of the shoe and I agree with Nightwing that if it had Nike stamped on it, people wouldn’t be thinking twice about it.

    For me though, it’s just the fact that TP didn’t wear them much kind of puts me off buying them now. I’m still quite happy to give them a go at a discounted price, but people in China were able to get them for around $60USD when they first came out, so I don’t really want to pay more than $80-$90USD for them. I’m willing to try them out for that price, but anymore than that, I think I’ll wait for the next model.

    Has anyone used Peaksneakers dot com before? They have these shoes there, plus the George Hill shoes, plus some Way of Wades at decent prices. I was thinking of ordering the George Hills from there and possibly these. I just don’t know how legit that website is though. If anyone could give me an info on Peaksneakers . com that would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I personally haven’t used that site. With a google search I did see a youtube video cautioning about it though. It was from April of last year. The video spoke about someone placing multiple orders, being charged, receiving emails a couple days later saying the product is no longer available, and they would need to refund the customer the money. In the mean time that person didn’t get the shoes and they had their money tied up for an extended period of time. Twice. So the stock inventory seems questionable.

      Also I dont see any verified certificates. Also their email address is gmail. So I dont think I would order from them personally. Also their CONTACT page seems to have a bunch of generic crap. If they sell items through eBAY you might go that route with some increased security. I would proceed with extreme caution.

      1. Yeah, I read and saw all that too. Doesn’t say anywhere on the site about authentic shoes/products, the gmail email address, yeah I saw all that, so it’s all a bit of a red flag.

        They also seem to list a ton of sizes that stores like Hibasketballshoes don’t even have. I need a size 11.5US or if that shoe doesn’t have that half size, a 12US would be the next size I’d be looking at and Hibasketball shoes don’t seem to have those sizes, these guys do, but that may be due to them listing sizes they don’t really have?

        Everything else you just said, I saw all that the other day when I was looking at the site. I might send them an email and ask if they have Paypal or something. I think I’d feel more at ease if they had Paypal as a payment method.

        I do think they are somewhat legit as I have seen a couple of Youtube videos yesterday where people got WoW 2s from them recently (within the last couple of months).

    2. i checked on that taobao.com store that wuke linked us to a long time ago, apparently the TP1 is going for as low as 320 yuan now, which is somewhere around 50 USD….definitely going to give them a shot at that price, might even pick up those george hills, too

      1. Wow, I would get multiple pairs if I had access to the prices you guys can get them for.

        Even if I could read Chinese, do you have to use a forwarding service to get them shipped out of China when buying from taobao.com? I don’t think the stores ship internationally, do they?

        Anyway, if you can get them for those prices, grab both, Tadatsune.

        I want to get a pair of the TP1s and also I really like the George Hills. I think the GH3s look pretty cool. I really like them aesthetically, so I think I will try and get a pair of the George Hills as well.

        1. i dunno, man, i don’t know the first thing about taobao to be honest but i’m gonna give it a shot….the gh peak altitude is even cheaper (250 yuan), team lightning 2 is also around that price…. i’ll leave a post here when i know what’s up

          1. Hye man, thanks. Tell me what you find out about TAOBAO and how it works.

            I might try doing some research over the weekend and seeing if I can learn to order from Taobao without speaking/reading Chinese.

            The other issue is, knowing which stores/sellers to order from. Not sure if there is any dodgy stuff going on where it’s possible that you can get ripped off or get fakes, but like one person said, they don’t really sell fakes of Chinese brand shoes as it’d be a waste of time. It’s mainly Jordans and Nikes you’ve got to be weary of.

    1. I’m actually OK with paying $90 or so USD, but the shipping cost makes it too expensive for me.

      I just put a pair in the shopping cart and it came out to $167.99. Shipping is quite high ($55 to Australia) and they also have a $13 tax on top, really not worth it for me to buy them from here. I put in two pairs and the shipping price is $110, that’s one pair of shoes I’d be missing out on from the shipping cost alone, which is by far the highest postage price I’ve seen to ship a pair of shoes to Australia.

      What does it cost you guys to get them shipped to the US from Peak Sports Canada?

  3. Don’t know if I want to get another pair or try something new. Traction has been perfect on these both in and outdoor, especially the clear part. Would like to try something with a softer cushion setup, although it’s still feels very good and great court feel.

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