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PEAK TP9-II ‘Home’ & ‘Away’

When I first saw this image, I thought to myself… “Bruh, look at that traction…”.

Yeah, not the most sophisticated way to put things but the performance neanderthal in me took over at that moment. I love how PEAK still keeps you in the loop with their Gradient Dual cushion system, even though you can’t see it this time through translucent rubber. This time around they’ve mapped out where the different densities are located, which is just as cool.

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen them so many times now, but this image really makes them look like a sleek and sexy shoe. Not bulky or anything… they’re growing on me. Stay tuned for release information as well as a performance review & be sure to share your thoughts with us below in the comment section.

PEAK TP9-II 'Home' & 'Away'


  1. Peak>Anta and Li Ning in terms of performance imo.

    TP’ shoes are way better than Wade . (Not Aesthetically )

  2. I think they look pretty beastly. Like the use of synthetics where more support is needed along with the fuse style upper. Traction should kick 7 types of ass. Can’t wait to see how they perform. This is also one of the first times I’ve seen Peak do ads in the US in places like Slam Kicks and Eastbay. Hope they do well. The basketball landscape needs options and competition, not a monopoly.

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