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PEAK TP9-II – Another Look

The PEAK TP9-II is coming… when exactly… I can’t remember. There are too many damn shoes releasing.

They do look clean though. I do prefer the way the TP9-I looked a little more but these have upgraded the ventilation which was a necessary touch. Everything that was great about the TP9-I remains, including their Gradient Dual cushion setup.

Something I found strange with the resigning of KD to Nike was that people all of a sudden wished KD had went to UA in order to diversify the sneaker brands. There is already diversity… stop following an athletes footsteps and start making your own. Plenty of great on-court options are available… if you can handle wearing something other than a Swoosh. Just saying…

PEAK TP9-II - Another Look


  1. I love what you said bro, fan for years. I wear jordan brand at times mostly adidas on court. Nike isn’t everything everybody just seems to follow trend which is fine but there’s nothing wrong with changing it up at times

  2. right on Nightwing!! people are so close minded on swoosh and jumpman and quick to judge on new brands without even trying it… kodus to your site and team!!

  3. I own Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Reebok, Li Ning, and Jordan basketball shoes. I was hoping KD would sign with Under Armour. Why? Because competition is good. And if UA was willing to spend 230+ million they obviously thought KD could sell some shoes. And if Nike was willing to match that price UA was probably correct in that thinking. Competition is good. Competition drives innovation. Competition can result in better pricing. Competition can keep companies honest. Would KD signing with UA cause me to buy more UA shoes. Probably not. I dont really base my shoe choices on who wears them. But others might. And Nike might attempt to improve things to try and get those customers back.

    Example: Microsoft. How interested in innovation and improvement were they until Apple started to steal some of there market? Not much. Remember Windows 98? Yeah. Not a good update. Then when they saw Apple as a legitimate threat XP came out. P.S. I know they had additional OS between those two. They were also crap.

    On the topic of Peak… I’m interested to try them. I just wish they were available in stores.

    1. I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said.

      I still think that players being with other brands do help sell those shoes, or at the very least, they get people to look at those brands and their shoes. I probably never would have bought a pair of Peak Basketball shoes if TP didn’t sign with them (that’s what got me interested and looking at them in the first place, and Nightwing’s performance review helped me to decide to actually get them). I also probably wouldn’t be looking at Li-Ning if Wade wasn’t with them either. Usually someone’s favorite player helps draw people to certain shoes and brands.

      Would many people here know who BrandBlack is if Jamal Crawford never signed with them, or taken them as seriously if Jamal wasn’t with them and wearing their shoes in the NBA? I’m not so sure about that.

      Those guys aren’t the whole reason I’m either buying or looking at buying those shoes, but they’re the ones that have made me look at those brands of shoes in the first place. From there, it’s all about the performance of the shoe. If it doesn’t perform, I still won’t buy the shoe even if it has their name attached to it.

      Having said that, I also bought a few pairs of Asics Basketball shoes earlier this year and I don’t know anyone that’s with them. In that case, I just went off of the opinion of posters here on this website who told me their shoes are great performers, so I took at chance and decided to try them, and now I agree with those posters, I think they make some really, really good performance Basketball shoes. No NBA players that I know of wear them, but that is not going to stop me or influence me on if they are good shoes or not.

  4. It has been awhile.
    totally agree with you on this Nightwing, JMD and Ice09.
    Add even further, people complain because they want better pricing and quality on Nike footwear/products.
    Using what Nightwing said Air Jordan Retros applies here as well: if people don’t like it then don’t buy it
    along with if people complain so much/badly then why buy it?

    in terms of basketball footwear, there is outlets, online sales
    if people are patient(Mr Foamer Simpson reference: “patience saves pockets”) to get things under retail.

    Nightwing, appreciate what you said in comments section, from Foamer ‘s XX9 performance review, to the guy starting high school who was thinking about quitting basketball.

    Looking forward to KickGenius’ performance test and your performance review on them.
    my question is: since no heel zoom (first AJ w/o air heel cushioning in general) in the shoe, is it because with flight plate (if it is full length) and way the shoe transitions along with tendril, that the heel gets an responsive effect of zoom as well?

    Apologies, if my question is on complicated side and obviously no if that is the answer.
    I can see why people would still prefer previous model (SE included)
    based on heel and forefoot Zoom included instead of forefoot Zoom only.
    Appreciate what you and other members of the site have built.

    For people watching for their thoughts on the shoe ( also for any other different shoe they test/review), if their views differ, recall these guys have different playing styles and foot shapes.
    Also, buy what you like( another reference and answers having diversity and what shoes to get ).

  5. Agree on trying new brands. If it wasn’t for this site, I’d never been able to purchase my WOW 2.5 encore, let alone heard about the brand.
    I’m really interesting to try Peak shoes

  6. I both have the team lightning and the TP9-1. Nightwing helped me in the decision w/his review s of both silhouettes for Tony Parker by Peak. And I fell in love w/ the shoes. Can’t wait to have the TP9-2

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