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PEAK Parker Trainer

What was first said to be the PEAK TP2 is now being called the PEAK Parker Trainer. I’m not 100% sure what they’re called so until I see something come directly from the brand I’ll just refer to them as the PEAK Tony Parker Team model.

If you wanted a nicer look at the shoe then check out the image below and stay tuned for more accurate information as it comes.

PEAK Parker Trainer


  1. Nonetheless, the silhouette is starting to make a mark as “the Tony Parker” silhouette in my opinion. Or it could be the colorways, I don’t exactly know. There’s something about the Fuse base + leather/synthetics overlays that can’t be said about the Battiers. Just my personal idea. I hope I’m making sense. 🙂

    1. They have his signature on the toe so they’re def affiliated with TP. I enjoyed both setups as far as the uppers but I think that the use of synthetic leather overlays on a one piece fuse upper is smart. It’s a simple way to make the silhouette have a unique look the way shoes used to. That’s the reason why all shoes look the same now… There is no depth or design involved… It’s only the shape of the shoe with an outsole. Panels make a shoe pop.

  2. Nice someone called them a team model an was ridiculed. Now someone’s having a lovely dose of crow.
    I’m very happy this team model pretty much is the tp1, because the quality overall for that shoe was great to me. Looking forward to the TP2, I’m sure it’ll be a nice change up.

    NW thanks again for keeping an eye out for the underdog companies out there. It’s the only way to bring the “big boys” to their senses. Just need to lose enough money and boom……change!

  3. Nightwing2303, these are the PEAK TP9’s just a playoff edition, sort of like cp3 AE’s. Very similar shoe slight differences.

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