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PEAK Challenger III

PEAK remains an under the radar brand for on-court hoopers, but I’ve been enjoying most of their offerings.

The PEAK Challenger III is actually a model I’ve been testing and I ran across this new colorway which I found to be pretty slick. I’ve been wearing a basic colorway, Black/ White – Silver, that you can see on my IG page, but this Red/ Organge colorway looks pretty cool. PEAK’s Challenger series has been a sleeper for most, the 2nd version of the shoe featured a shroud (just Google it to see) and have been solid on-court.

Check out the model, featuring their Gradient Duel cushion, and let me know what you think.

PEAK Challenger III


  1. they look really clunky (i’m sure they don’t play clunky), but the cushioning and traction look ON POINT….i’m going to go on a peak splurge later this month, hopefully it works out

  2. Just found this at the mall a while ago. I really hope Peak doesn’t increase their prices. they do have some pretty decent sneakers for a relatively cheap price.

    1. it doesn’t affect performance, though, unless your concern is purely cosmetic there’s no real reason to dislike their use of clear rubber

      1. The clear rubber on my tp1s has lasted longer than the white solid rubber. Grip wise, it still plays good. It’s all in the rubber compound they use not the color.

      2. Yes it does… Whatever your court condition is that play on. I play on very dusty court and the TP9 had me sliding all over the place

        1. Do you have the TP1 or TP9?

          I have the TP9 Team Lightnings and as far as I know, none of them have clear rubber. I assume you’re referring to the TP1s?

  3. Saw them here in the Philippines already, these would be for those who cannot really afford the swoosh models, havent tried out any peak shoes but after Nightwing’s review of the TP models Ive been looming overs some models, If I would be playing on cement courts id probably get these since playing on cement courts in the swoosh really hurts the pockets here.

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