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Niupipo Pickleball Paddle Set: Great Choice for Beginners

When it comes to pickleball paddle sets, none may be more popular for beginner-to-intermediate players than those from Niupipo brand. In my pickleball experience, it has been very rare to not see at least one duo swinging around paddles from this brand in a recreational setting.

While we recently begun reviewing Pro-level paddles like the Joola Perseus 14mm here at WearTesters, we understand the sport of pickleball is still growing at a rapid pace and many are looking to buy their first-ever paddle or a pickleball paddle set for the family.

Niupipo has been kind enough to send out one of their highest-selling pickleball paddle set — the Fiberglass Set of 2. We’ll break down both what you get from the set and what to expect when purchasing.

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As already described, this pickleball paddle set comes with two fiberglass face paddles. However, these can also be purchased in a set of four for those looking to get more family involved.

The paddles provided come in at a weight between 7.68-8.0oz each, which floats in the lightweight category for pickleball paddles. This lighter weight will especially be beneficial to those introducing themselves to racket sports for the first time as well as those that have shoulder, elbow, or wrist troubles, giving an easier swing.

Speaking of swinging, the fiberglass face and thinner 14mm core combine to provide adequate power for those that need a little extra pop in their shots. Although a thicker core paddle will in most cases absorb energy and provide a little extra control, just know that the polypropylene core of these paddles will help a lot more to control shots than a wooden paddle starter kit would.

Pickleball Paddle Set - Niupipo Paddles


With this Niupipo set, you will find a pair of two different types of pickleball balls: the orange ball with 26 holes and the yellow with 40 holes. These builds have a distinction of indoor (orange, 26 holes) and outdoor (yellow, 40 holes) usage.

The outdoor ball utilizes 40 holes as this provides more wind resistance, but you will find that outdoor balls are more popular even in some indoor environments because they tend to be more durable. A quality outdoor ball will work well across all court surfaces, whether inside or outside.

The indoor ball provides the most consistent bounce across gym floors such as hardwood and concrete surfaces. If you only plan to play on these surfaces, then you may be able to get by, however, if you play with them on grittier surfaces (even inside) the ball will wear down and soften up to the point it can be difficult to play with.

Pickleball Paddle Set - Niupipo Balls


The bag that comes with this paddle set is pretty self-explanatory. It is a perfect fit for both paddles and all four balls of the set and comes with an external mesh pocket to carry a few light extras if needed. Carrying multiple paddles can be a hassle without a proper bag, so this is a great option for those who continuously play with a loved one as their doubles partner.

Pickleball Paddle Set - Niupipo Case

Niupipo Pickleball Paddle Set Summary

The Niupipo MX-35 Pickleball Paddle Set of 2 is a good starter option for couples and doubles partners during the early stages of their pickleball journey.

At a reasonable price point, the set will not set you too far back in terms of value. If one of the two decides not to pursue pickleball any further, the last standing will have a backup paddle they are familiar with. Even if both individuals decide not to play the sport anymore (highly unlikely, judging by the sport’s growth), the initial investment is not too big of an impact financially.

Even those that may choose to further pursue playing and developing their game to an advanced level can benefit from this pickleball paddle set to start, as the construction of the paddles will translate to more advanced paddles better than something like an outdated wooden paddle would.

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