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Nike Infinity Tour 2 Performance Review

Nike Infinity Tour 2

Winners make a good thing and call it a day. Champions take their good things, make them even better, and repeat that as often as possible. That’s exactly what Nike did with the Nike Infinity Tour 2.

We previously tested the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NXT% and it received an impressive 8.5 out of 10.
Without giving too many spoilers, I’m pleased to let our readers know that the Nike Infinity Tour 2 performed just as good and maybe even better than the original Nike Infinity Tour.

Nike Infinity Tour 2

Price: $170

Sizing: True to size

Nike Infinity Tour 2 outsole traction


Traction is great on the Nike Infinity Tour 2. Most golf shoes utilizing spikes do well with traction. However, if a brand isn’t careful and articulate with the location, height, and structure of the spikes, it can cause pain and stress on your feet while walking and playing.

The Infinity Tour 2 was carefully crafted and perfectly balanced. As usual, I dug my feet into the ground before my shots and had no issue during my swing.

I noticed the biggest traction boost on longer shots which in turn helped me hit the ball further. Overall, the Infinity Tour 2 traction performance was very solid.

Nike Infinity Tour 2 heel


My sneaker geeks will be stoked to know that Nike’s “Flyweave” technology is featured in the Nike Infinity Tour 2. We originally saw Nike do this with the Nike TW15 golf shoes (and originally the super comfortable Air Jordan 29 before it made the jump into golf).

Basically, the Flyweave technology acts as a second skin and gives your feet more natural motion due to…aerospace technology?! Nike marketing always has something that makes the tech sound cool. You can read our full breakdown on Flyweave tech HERE.

This is the only category that keeps the Nike Infinity Tour 2 from being a 10 out of 10. 

I received my typical 11.5 size (provided via Nike) and they were loose on my heels. Oddly enough, I never blistered or felt any pain. They just slipped ever so slightly when I stepped. The dreaded, and annoying, heel slip. If you hate heel slip, I’d look elsewhere.

It’s interesting because I don’t think I’d necessarily size down because otherwise the fit felt really good on my feet. The Infinity Tour 2 was just too loose around the heels. If you like a tighter fit, size down half a size. If you like your shoes a tad more breathable, go with your normal size.

Nike Infinity Tour 2 zoom air cushion


The Nike Infinity Tour 2 took little to no time to break in. I appreciate that about a golf shoe. Golf is already a HUGE mental game and if you can eliminate blisters, foot pain, and stiffness from a round (especially when playing in new shoes) you’ll be more locked in on the course.

The Flyweave and Air Zoom technology provided maximum cushion while keeping performance at a high level. The Air Zoom featured in the Infinity Tour 2 was solid. Nike brought the air zoom unit lower to the ground (versus the previous version) to increase stability. 

If I had to compare it to previous Nike shoes I’ve owned containing Air Zoom technology, it’s on par or possibly even a bit better. The Nike Infinity Tour 2 is a solid pick if you’re searching for a comfortable golf shoe.

Nike Infinity Tour 2 nike swoosh


Every section of my foot gets an A+. 

Arches and dorsal support felt great. It’s also worth noting that although my heels slipped a bit while walking, there’s additional achilles pillows at the heel that provides added support to the heels. The Flyweave featured on the Nike Infinity Tour 2 will give you extra strength and support around the foot while maintaining the highest level of comfort a Nike golf shoe has to offer.

Nike Infinity Tour 2 spike close up


The Nike Infinity Tour 2 looks similar to its predecessors. Take off the spikes on the bottom and you’ve got what looks like a typical Nike running shoe.

Nike is at the head of athletic shoe sales by a mile. Nike started out by making running shoes, and they’ve excelled at that since the mid 1970’s. Honestly, it’s kind of genius. Nike knows that they can take a running shoe that performed well, add some modifications, and make it into a top performing golf shoe. If you like Nike running shoes, you’ll like the Infinity Tour 2.


The previous Infinity Tour cost $160. Two years later, we’re looking at a price point of $170. Honestly, I don’t know if I’m more impressed with the quality of the shoe or the fact that Nike only raised the price $10 to keep up with inflation for a brand new, better model.

The Infinity Tour 2 had solid traction, extremely good cushion, and took very little time to break in. For those reasons, the price point of $170 is a great deal in the golfing world.

Nike Infinity Tour 2 lateral view

Nike Infinity Tour 2 Summary

If the fit was a tad better, you’d be seeing the first 10 out of 10 from my testing. This shoe performed well at the range, on the course, and from the car to the first tee.

Nike Golf claims that they “Upped the Ante” with the Nike Infinity tour 2 and I have to agree. The product and design teams kept a solid price point, made the spikes better, and added even more cushion for the golfer that needs extra cushion and support.

Total Score
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How the Author Golfs

Tyler Allred (19 handicap): Golfs 2-3 times a week spending the bulk of his time playing actual rounds. Mostly pushes himself to improve every part of his game, but also enjoys a casual round of golf every now and then.


While Nike did send a pair of the Nike Infinity Tour 2 to facilitate this review, the company had no involvement in this review, didn’t receive an advance look at it, and has not attempted to influence it.

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