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Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 Performance Review

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 has versatility as its main asset. It will handle everything you put through it in the gym.

Colorway: White/Photo Blue/Pink Prime/Black

Release Date: 2022

Price: $120

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The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 may look jarring to some people. Although not as jarring as the original Nike SuperRep we reviewed two years ago. It looks like a training version of the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next%. That’s a lot of expectation to live up to, considering that the comparison is one of the best running shoes on the market. Did it meet my expectations? In most ways, yes. I enjoyed my time in these training shoes and here are all the details.

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 actually made our list of the best CrossFit shoes of 2022, and they are also a great basketball training shoe as well. Other lists they made include our Best Cross Training Shoes and Best for Jumping lists.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 Traction


The traction pays homage to the brand’s history with a waffle-themed outsole. Don’t worry if you see what seem to be bald spots on the ball of your foot and in the toe area. They come like that. I didn’t have any issues with grip on any surface. There are also flex grooves placed so you can be mobile, and I found that especially useful during lunges. The bridge posed no problems, and it’s durable, so there’s no need to worry about it breaking.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 Cushion


The primary cushion you’ll feel is foam. The foam isn’t named on Nike’s website though it was Cushlon on the original SuperRep. It feels even softer than that. I was surprised by how plush the foam was, especially in the back. It’s fluffier than the Cushlon in the Nike KD 14. The two Zoom pods up front visually remind me of the Nike Zoom Freak 3. You can’t feel them compress though you know they’re there when you put them on. I think the high PSI is the culprit.

Sometimes, it can be off-putting because the back half is much softer than the front half. It can take some getting used to, but it isn’t a deal-breaker. It just means I’ll be covered whether I land on my heel (with foam) or on my forefoot( by the Zoom units).

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 Materials


The materials consist of mesh and fuse overlays. There are two layers of mesh. The one that comes in contact with the foot is thick and comfortable. The one above that is a screen mesh. The fuse is mainly used in the eye stay area, the heel, and the branding. The tongue is thin, much like the Nike LeBron 18, but it isn’t annoying. It doesn’t chafe up your feet because the plastic isn’t as sharp and hard.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 Fit


I went true to size and had a thumb’s width of space upfront, which is how I like it. However, if you’re a narrow-footer, you can get away with half a size down because the materials will loosen up over time and with more use. My tip would be to use the top eyelets and cinch the laces to get the best heel lockdown.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 Support


The Nike FlyPlate is included, and it gets the job done. Being a flat-footer, I always have my orthotics in, but most won’t need the extra support. If you’re a flat footer like me, we recommend Move Insoles. The FlyPlate offers ample support for the foot and helps the shoe snap back into shape. The midsole also comes up the lateral sides for containment, and it works perfectly. From the midfoot to the heel area there’s a plastic piece that adds support.

Can you run in these? Yes. They’re good enough for the treadmill, but I wouldn’t run in them for prolonged periods. 10-15 minutes would be good. If you’re flat-footed, don’t do it even with orthotics. The support isn’t sufficient. For everyone else, though, it will work just fine in small doses.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 Summary

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 Overall

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 is one of the more versatile training shoes. Want to do HIIT classes? Perfect. Want to lift weights and get bulky? Not a problem. Want to do a quick run on the treadmill? Go ahead. Bring these when you go into the gym not knowing what you plan to do. They’ll be able to handle almost everything. And be assured that whatever you’ll do in them, your feet will be comfortable and well-supported. These deserve a spot on our Best Cross Training Shoes list.

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How to Buy the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 is available now for $120 at Nike.

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