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Li-Ning Way of Wade 3 ‘Dexter’

Dwyane Wade took to IG this morning to show us a teaser of his upcoming Li-Ning signature, the Way of Wade 3.

Clean lines, lower profile midsole and herringbone… yeah, herringbone. Can’t wait to see some more detailed shots of these. If their performance can match their quality then the WOW series will be a force in the hoop world.

Check out this Dexter inspired colorway and let us know what you think below in the comment section.

Li-Ning Way of Wade 3 'Dexter' 1

Li-Ning Way of Wade 3 'Dexter' 3

      1. I remember hearing somewhere Wade actually likes asymmetrical collars…Though if intentional, this looks extremely minimal..

      2. Well the implementation for those models were done tastefully. For 13s, depending on the model there’s really only two primary materials the compose the asymmetrical design element and if you look at the back collar you will see that it’s practically even, only asymmetrical slightly on the lateral side. For the 14s, even more so. The back is practically even while the lateral side has a greater dip for the ankle I’m guessing. It’s easy to distinguish that it was a aesthetic design element. On the WOW3 there’s 3 materials to consider: the foamy, the perforated tucked within the plastic eyelet piece that extends to the back, and the plastic eyelet piece. I have no problems with asymmetrical designs, but when it’s so close to being symmetrical, it comes across as a mistake. You have to make that element drastic if your gonna do it. But I’m just nitpicking…

  1. Looks like Wade is going to have monstrous shoe sales this year, If Wade 2’s updated rubber is used with herringbone I think that sounds amazing, Only thing Im worried about is the wearability of these on outdoor use. Looks like this year is gonna be a real pain in the wallet IMO.

    1. I wear my Wow 1s predominantly outdoors, and they’ve held up pretty well. Outsole is still grippy, and the cushioning is still responsive. These Wow 3s, especially this colourway, is looking mighty fine…well done, Li-Ning 🙂

      1. @Airsyd, You use them only solely for outdoor use only or are they hybrid (both indoor and outdoor) shoe? Isnt the rubber kinda sticky? They’re probably real good outdoor but the debris they may pick..ugh!

        1. I’ve used them indoors and outdoors. I don’t play on a pristine indoor court anyway, but I do make sure that there’s not pebbles or rocks in the grooves of the outsole. Traction is surprisingly good on both, but I’ll say outdoors is where the WoW 1 really shines; just feels like a really well-put together basketball shoe that will last awhile

  2. This such a dope concept! I mean Dexter is a blood splatter analyst based in Miami and this is D.Wade’s shoe; mind blown!

  3. I think Li-Ning has a winner with this model. I figured they would have to come up with a good shoe for the WoW 3s as that is also his jersey number, so I assumed that this one is going to have to be a really good shoe overall.

    I’ve actually read that Li-Ning aren’t really doing so well as a company. Even in China they are struggling, apparently. Has anyone else read/heard this? I think they may even be losing money on the WoW line.

    1. They were really in the Red before Wade got there. That’s one reason that they closed up shop here in the States. Their goal was to improve in the local market there. I remember looking at their public numbers that they keep on the corporate site just for the hell of it and it was REALLY bad. Since then, they’ve improved alot. They are still struggling in business terms but it has improved drastically by cutting some costs in other areas. (I know, I’m a loser for even looking at that stuff for fun). LOL!

      1. Hey Trezz, that’s good to know that they are improving. I thought that they might be going in the other direction.

        I also thought that the WoW shoes are losing them money as those premium materials can’t be cheap, and they seem to be selling them for a decent price comparative to what other brands are selling at that price point with lesser/cheaper materials. So going by that, I figured for sure that they may be losing money on the WoW line.

        Do you still have a link to any of that stuff you read? I wouldn’t mind reading some of it.

        1. Hey Ice,

          I guess my other comment needs moderation since it had a link but you can find the info by googling “Li ning investor relations” and clicking the second link. That should take you to their annual reports and some quick facts.

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