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Li-Ning Way of Wade 2.5 Encore ‘Announcement’ and ‘Fountainbleau’ – Available Now

The Li-Ning Way of Wade 2.5 Encore is available now from Shop.WayofWade.com in the “Announcement” and “Fountainbleau” colorways. MyKicksFly has an awesome review on the “Fountainbleau,” which you can see below. He also has reviews on the Encore “Overtown” and “Flamingo.”

Let us know if you grabbed either of these pairs by tagging #WearTesters on Instagram.

Stay tuned to WearTesters.com for upcoming colorways from Li-Ning.


  1. I just got the Flamingo in yesterday and a word of caution about the Encores. It seems as all of the shoes on the WoW site are being described to be of smooth mocco leather and I wasn’t expecting nubuck even though that is a leather type.

    1. Wow (no pun intended), that sucks man. They need to do a better job on their crappy website. The Wayofwade website (itself) is crap IMO. Too much false advertizing going on there for my liking.

      Did you still want to keep them although they are Nubuck? If you don’t, you should return them. If you want, I’ll send them an email and rip into them for their poor descriptions on their website.

      When I first went there a few weeks ago, they listed in their FAQ that they ship internationally, and they also had the shipping prices listed. After numerous emails, they told me they do ship internationally, but the main/only thing that they don’t ship internationally is the shoes. LOL. WTF is the point of that. The main thing I/we want is the shoes. Why the F would I want any of the other gear that they sell over the actual WoW shoes?

      1. It was just unexpected, but yes it could be misconstrued as false advertisement and I want to give people the heads up here. I like the shoes and people who see them in person and on my social media accounts are in awe.

        The whole shipping issue clearly doesn’t make sense if they can ship some product internationally, but not their main shoe products.

        1. If you’re happy with the shoes, then that is cool. They really should have correct information on their website though.

          And yeah, I’m not interested in anything else apart from the shoes. so I don’t get why they wouldn’t ship them internationally when they do/can ship other products internationally.

        2. to be fair, though, dimeslinger, the flamingos look much nicer with a nubuck upper than they would with a leather upper, don’t you think?

  2. Been ballin’ in my wow 2.5 encore for bout 2+ months. Love how comfortable they are, but the traction has been chipping off. Rather bummed about that, I’ve been playing in a middle school court, which isn’t that bad since I know they wax it.

    Also, when did the name change from 2.0 encore to 2.5 encore?

    1. Have you only played indoors with them? I wonder why it’s chipping off. Do you have any other WoW shoes for comparison? I assume not, otherwise you probably would have said so.

      1. Yes, been playing indoors. It’s only been on the heel on the lateral side. If I could, I’d upload a photo. I don’t have another WOW shoe for comparison

        1. I wonder if other people have that that issue? Have you heard or read of anyone else having a similar issue/

    2. I believe they changed it for the versions with the new upper materials, different styling, and increased ventilation. I keep checking the website in hopes they have another sale. None yet. Its still nice to see them adding new styles though.

      1. Yea, you and me both. I’m patiently waititng on another one of those sales I saw a while back as well. I always liked the WOW 2.5 Encore Announcement colorway (used to be called 2.0 Encore I believe). I’ll be on the lookout as well and tell you if I stumble upon it myself.

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