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Li-Ning Wade Fission

Li-Ning has a new outdoor specific model in the Way of Wade line called the Fission. The shoe features Tuff RB, so it is made for outdoor use. The heel cushioning system is called Li-Ning Bow which is reminiscent of Nike Shox.

Classic color outfield basketball shoes, RPU + seamless fit; special craft materials, more and more protective wrap, dazzled camouflage elements. Beautiful and stylish appearance, small resistance movement. EVA lightweight composite bottom elastic damping resistance to help athletes in the field to play well. Li Ning, the sole use of science and technology on behalf of the bow shock, effectively alleviate the impact of the effective protection of the feet and knees, so much better shock absorption, reducing foot and knee while running stress, exercise more at ease, Tuff RB Technology, Li Ning shoes ultra-exclusive field wearable technology. So that movement to get more secure and more flexible protection comfortable wearing experience.

1. Li-Ning Bow
Professional damping technology is the use of arched compressive deformation principle of effective stress relief for research and development, “Li Ning bow” shock absorber system is composed of Arch, Tensile, PU three major components, the perfect combination of the three components, both to ensure the functional requirements of running movement, shock absorption, stability, and realize technology can be seen palpable sense.
2. Tuff RB
Tuff RB is a high abrasion rubber material. Than the normal 33% to improve the wear resistance of rubber material. Can effectively enhance the soles wear resistance. Thereby extending the life of the shoe.


Image via AaronKnows

  1. Tried their bow cushion on a basketball shoe before but i cant rmbr which model. The cushioning is not bad but honestly i think it was the foam more than the bow that gives me the shock absorbing feeling. Hope they improve this one.

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