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Kicks Are Better Than Ever in NBA 2K17

NBA 2k17 kicks

Basketball fans have been patiently waiting for the next installment in 2K Games’ video game series, NBA 2K17. There have been some marked differences from previous installments announced in the last couple of days that have cranked the anticipation for the game up to 11.

Because this a performance site, the sneaker announcement from earlier today is a huge deal for all of us that love the NBA. 2K is going big on the sneakers this year and is 3D scanning all the featured sneakers into the game. Just watch the trailer below.

So we are getting all the regulars in the game with the Nike team models being represented in force. I’m glad we are getting the D Rose 7 and the other killer adidas options as well. There are 300 models included in the game so when you lace ’em up, you can pick all your favorites.

I’m stoked about some of the classic additions like the Shaq Attaq IVs and the Converse Weapon (the shoe I tried out for freshman basketball in). There are Jordans and Chucks galore, along with the long awaited debut of the Yeezys in-game.

Another bit of sneaker related news came from 2K’s Senior Producer, Ben Bishop. There are some tweaks to how your sneaker deals are going to work in MyCareer mode this year.

He said: “First off, and one of the changes we’re most excited about, is the way that shoe deals work. Instead of waiting weeks and weeks for shoe companies to come around, in NBA 2K17, you make the decision right at the beginning of your career, just like a real NBA rookie would.”

Hallelujah for that. I hated waiting for my deal last year and I know a lot of you were probably annoyed too. So we get that done right out of the gate this year. If you are like me, that will be a tough decision to make. Which companies will be available from the get-go and what will separate them? Luckily, 2K’s got some answers for us.

Bishop continued, “Each company offers different benefits. Some will give you more swag right away, while others will require you to work harder to move up the ladder. Your draft position plays a big role in this, so the better you do in college, the more likely you’ll be able to jump right into a cash deal or even a custom colorway deal, rather than just a simple merch deal.”

Looks like I know what I will be doing two weeks from now. Is anyone else excited for NBA 2K17? What sneakers will you be rocking on your player? Let us know down below.

NBA 2k17 kicks


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