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How I Turned My Obsession Into a Job

Obsession, passion…hoarding. Whatever you want to call whatever it is that I do, this is how it happened. If you were interested in knowing how all this went down, how I accidentally turned something I was passionate about into a dream job, then click here to take a look.

Big thank you to Champs Sports for opportunity, and to @saharaborja for the great images.

How I Turned My Obsession Into a Job

  1. Nice, very nice and thanks for that passion,

    that people like me can choose shoes properly and confidently buy shoes based from the reviews from Nightwing and friends,

    This site is like the 1st site I open everyday for updates,


  2. Nightwing, just wanted to say thanks for everything you do here and everywhere on social media with the reviews and what not. Been a fan since your early days and your opinions have really helped me with sneaker purchases. Also your work ethic and insight on hard work have helped me to grow and be better. Much love brother, wish you the best in your endeavors and life.

  3. Awesome post, and I’m sure a lot of readers were curious about this (without trying to be nosy). Had no idea your first flight was just two years ago. Post was well-worded in differentiating obsession, career goals, and passion.

    In general, product/consumer reviewing has become a niche, especially since online shopping is prevailing and so everyone doesn’t want to part with their money blindly. The thing about sneakers in particular, though, is that adults of this generation were kids during the AJ and general bball sneaker “boom”. There were a lot of shoes we couldn’t have, and so retros and reviews are more than just hype. I guess you tapped into a market (or rather, community) that naturally existed, even if you had no business agenda for it.

    I remember watching your vids early on, and it was awesome to find you making sense of the technical aspects vs. practical applications as opposed to just dropping very superficial-sounding comments. With that, editing over time noticeably got better. 10+minute videos dropped to like 4-5 minutes; then there’s that cool elevator music your got in the background, lol…It’s been awesome seeing what this work has developed into, and look forward to what it can become.

  4. I love to read stories like this. Congratulations to your success and continue to do what you love. You are helping a lot of people like me.
    More blessings to you, your family and the rest of the WearTesters team.

  5. Thanks for this article man. I’ve been looking into doing something that I like to do as a side gig and hopefully a more full-time job at some point. I’ve been gathering info and equipment but there are times when the drive just isn’t there. Between working at night, studying for professional certifications, and trying to stay healthy/fit, it’s hard as hell to fit everything into a day but I know that I will be able to eventually get to a point where it all comes together. As someone who’s been following you for years (since the original hyperfuse review), it’s really cool to see what handwork has done for you. Congrats on the achieved success and I wish you much more in the future.

    -Trezz aka Dmarr

  6. Your passion and commitment to excellency clearly shows. This is my go to site for anything kicks related. All the writers and weartesters here are always on point. God bless you NW and Weartesters.

  7. Been hooked on your videos for a couple years man, and love them. You do a great job! Thanks for doing what you do. You got me back into a love for Jordans as a 37 year old man.

  8. Yo NW2303, I remember a few years back all that negative BS from haterz was starting to get to you, enough that you werent gonna do a Top Ten from that year. At that time I had just got into collecting Kobes for ballin & casual wear & I discovered Your Videos!! & ur Site. I wrote U an email letting you know how appreciated your Time, Effort & Passion was to this Community of Us who Love the Game of Basketball and gave you some words of Encouragement. So again thank you for all the info & knowledge you have given Our Community on regular basis! Know we All got Love for You and its been an Honor to see you Create and Expand Your Brand into the Business it is!

  9. Hey, you are the new wave of reviewer, one who allows honest opinion of product on your site. Unlike those other sites that have connections that dictate who can say what about what company in their “forums”, your joint is solid and then shames those websites that claim to be the ultimate, which is nothing but bullshit lined with a clear agenda. Keep doing your thing, and may you continue your elevation to the top, setting that new standard that those sycophants will never reach.

  10. Chris, great article. Just to let you know, I’ve also followed you since the early days (nightwing2303) when your vids only showed your hands and the shoes you review. Man, it’s been a long way from that. There isn’t a day of the week since 2010-2011 that I didn’t go into your site.
    From that point on, you have done more than inspire me. Thank you for taking us, me, along in your journey. Hope to someday work with your team and share your passion too; this, what you do, is also a dream job of mine after all. Thanks Man! Salamat from the PH!

  11. I came across Nightwing2303 in 2010 when i was looking up how this pair of shoes performed that my buddy had, the Zoom Kobe 5. I found your video, and haven’t stopped watching your videos since. I’ve learned almost all of my performance/tech/material knowledge from you. My performance sneaker interest and “obsession” has grown exponentially ever since i’ve watched that Kobe 5 video. One thing I always got upset about was whenever you switched your intro music early on, because i got so used to it, then you’d switch it, and it’d throw me off haha. (My favorite one will always be the on from the Crazy 8 Performance Review though! Need to bring back that music with new clips for a throwback haha) But anyways, i just wanted to say i’m forever thankful you helped learn more about sneakers than any one person I know, and hope you continue to keep Weartesters running for a long time, even whenever you can’t run anymore haha. Best of luck for years to come!

    A long time supporter,

  12. been a loyal fan since jordan 2009 review.
    you were the only one that provided a review at that time and it was great too. thanks to you that i buy more shoes rather than less lol.

  13. NW has 1. Helped put a focus back on sneaker performance, love the looks good with jeans line. 2. He as helped educate people, I know stuff like lateral and medial, herringbone, phylon, etc.3. Finally, he has helped shine the light on smaller brands like Brandblack and even UA Basketball before Curry. Awesome work!

  14. I can’t remember exactly how I found this site. I think I may have gotten a recommendation from someone on a Spurs Basketball forum that I go to. I was asking where the heck do you go to get decent reviews of how Basketball shoes perform on court and a poster there called ‘FlashZo’ mentioned Kicksoncourt.com. He said that was the place to go to. He said Nightwing is a really cool guy and knows his stuff. This was around early 2013, I think. I still come here almost daily since then, so I think that speaks of how great this site has become.

    I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find someone that actually reviewed the performance of the shoes rather than how they looked. Like a few of the posters here at Weartesters, I’m in my mid 30s and was strictly interested in the performance of the shoes as I was trying to get back into Basketball after a long layoff. I didn’t give a crap what they looked like in jeans, just wanted to know how they performed on court, but not many people were doing those kind of reviews back then. I was pulling my hair out watching videos and all they talked about is aesthetics. Most of them hardly ever mentioned anything performance related. Watching a lot of those videos, I was thinking, wtf is this s%^t. lol. I’m glad someone cared enough to review the shoes and tell us about how they performed on court.

    Also, my favorite thing by far about this site is the non-biased reviews. I really love that Chris and the other guys here review lots of other brands that aren’t named Nike, and also are able to judge each shoe on their merits rather than the logo they have. That, to me, is huge, and one of the main reasons why I keep coming back here. Chris is the one that started all that though and set the tone here at Weartesters with his reviews from day 1. I mean, a lot of the other sites I used to go to seemed like they just wouldn’t talk bad about a product because it felt like they were influenced by the brand rather than trying to be objective. I really found it refreshing that it wasn’t the case here.

    1. I also wanted to add that a lot of the posters here are some great people too. It makes coming here more fun when a lot of the guys (and assume some gals) are cool people.

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