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David Raysse Unveils the Brandblack Delta Low

Brandblack delta low 1

We’ve been waiting for the Brandblack Delta to drop for weeks and now, the company’s founder has teased a low build.

David Raysse already took us behind the design of the upcoming Brandblack Delta but fans of lowtops (*ahem* Nightwing2303) should be happy to see this Vibram-equipped hoop shoe. Pictured here in triple black, the wax laces add an interesting texture to an already intriguing sneaker.

There is no official word yet on when the Brandblack Delta will launch so we’ll update you when we have more information.

Brandblack delta low 2

Brandblack delta low 3

Brandblack delta low 1


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  1. these are reallllll nice and all that, but they don’t look they’re even remotely close to being a functional basketball shoe, there’s no structure to the shoe whatsoever

    1. BB has made SERIOUS ball sneakers prior to this one. Regardless of how it looks, I’m ready to give BB the benefit of the doubt. The brand wouldn’t say it’s for hooping if it wasn’t, and Nightwing2303 has been weartesting this tooling — he likes it.

      1. yeah i know, i believe that they’ve produced top shelf basketball products even if i’ve never worn a brandblack sneaker myself, but just looking at the shoe it looks ridiculously flimsy and the lacing system looks kind of suspect, i can’t tell if the heel cup, if there is one (there has to be one) would work…. i’ll wait for a review though, it’s a beautiful shoe regardless

        also i love low tops, 95% of the time i’m wearing lows to ball in, but every now and then there’s a low that just doesn’t work for basketball, even if it was supposedly designed for the sport, like the curry 2 low, i wore those for one game and never wore them on court ever again

    2. I am a little surprised by the lack of conventional support features as well, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I have the Force Vector Premium and its a great shoe to hoop in (though I prefer lows), so I trust the brand. If anything maybe the low will be geared towards lifestyle while the mid will have more technology in place to be playable. I’m giddy with excitement thinking about Vibram for basketball

    3. I was about to say these can’t be made for the court sneakers.. but I just saw time JC3 sole. Thought these were more for the street wear.

  2. I am not convinced that the heel lockdown in these will be good enough… Look at the lacing setup.

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