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BrandBlack Teases J. Crossover III

BrandBlack is in the middle of releasing the J. Crossover II and the quickly rising brand has given us a preview of the J. Crossover III.

The only information known at this time is that Jamal Crawford’s third signature sneaker will drop sometime in the fourth quarter of 2015. We can see from the picture that the shoe will feature a mesh tongue and toebox area.

Stay tuned to WearTesters.com for upcoming news from BrandBlack including upcoming colorways of the J. Crossover II.

Let us know what you think of this news and what you think of BrandBlack‘s current models. I still have to get my hands on the JCII.


  1. maybe its just me, but doesn’t it seem like there’s a pod of cushion or like tiny zoom bag right where the geometry part starts? (where the midsole and outsole would be)

  2. How about they focus on making their shoe more widely available first? Especially since it seems to be quite the basketball shoe..

    This just seems like too much, too fast.

    1. With 2 pairs out they rival Jb 29 year top tier shoe. Innovative affordable quality. Considering when sequels drop the predecessors price drops. Normally the newer release is better than the previous. This being said they can drop a shoe each week ill get the jc77. Also they’re probably going to keep 2s stocked put out the 3 dbl theyr income n push more product. Ppl are gonna buy signature shoes. Once theyr putting out a bb standard of superfly or clutchfit, the market is going to have to match quality tech n product. Great product added to your area of interest is great competition steps up is Adidas boost returns energy, so does flightplate. UA will match w energy returning w.e. But, maybe no flightplate boost wouldn’t be used quite yet, both techs have a long way to go. But my point jb 78% bb shoes releases its premium model n 80 dollars less bb puts out its first 2 shoes us. Just something to consider. These brands will match tech, quality, and that’s good for all sneaker heads.

    1. They’re a small brand, let them grow. Retailers have to buy from them in order to feed your need for the shoe, but you’re only one of a few that wants them where you’re from then how is that going to allow BB to grow? Blame your retailers that dont carry them, not the brands fault.

      1. Man these things are in such high demand these shoe review are like a cult. Heard some kids talking about Nightwing when getting these.

      2. As soon a sI get my 16th birthday money I am getting these. I have enough right now but I just got the Kobe 10s when they came out so I have to wait 23 more days

      3. Hi Nightwing!
        I simply think it would be nice if BB would sell his shoes in Europe , with costs it deems most appropriate, even to individuals . I only leave a feedback that in Europe there are those who would buy their shoes 🙂
        Last but not least I would like to congratulate you: I think the first I saw was your review of the Kobe ​​6 and it’s impressive how you’ve grown over time.
        Have a nice day.

      4. I don’t see why the can’t ship them directly from their website to overseas countries. If buyers are willing to pay the postage price, then I don’t see why they can’t do it.

  3. Very excited to see if they continue to add guards, or go w more team oriented shoe when they add more product. I’m sure jc3 will be fantastic like the predecessors.

  4. Having 3 pairs of the JC2, these are getting me pretty pumped considering my birthday is late 3rd quarter. Probably gonna buy 3 more of these

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