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Brandblack Raptor Mid – Review + Upcoming Products

Today, I received the Brandblack Raptor Mid. I helped them reach 500 likes on their Facebook page, and they sent me the kicks. I am really excited to try these out on court. Being a fairly new brand, their products aren’t widely available yet (Check out Brandblack.com). Also, their shoes are basically the same foundation with different materials and upper designs, but what they have is of high quality. That being said, Brandblack will look to improve on the success they have already had with a few new models. The one drawback of Brandblack’s current models is ventilation. The J. Crossover 2 will feature a well-ventilated woven upper, which I am very curious to see. Two other models are being hinted at by Brandblack, but no official names have been announced. The bottom picture features part of what Brandblack is calling the “Future Legends Collection.” Stay tuned to WearTesters.com for all the upcoming products from Brandblack. Thank you, Brandblack!

BrandBlack J. Crossover 2 Preview 1 brandblack new kicks brandblack new kicks0brandblack legend


  1. That’s really cool they hooked you up like that. I’m interested to see what they’re like but I haven’t seen any models that really strike my interest. Yet. I always applaud companies for offering quality goods. So its cool to see that’s a major priority for Brandblack.

    P.S. I clicked the link so hopefully that will earn you some more brownie points. Thanks for the info.

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