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Brandblack Raptor Mid Performance Review with Hsuperman_18

There are a couple of reviews on the Brandblack Raptor/ J. Crossover 1/ Phantom on WearTesters.com, so I will keep my review very short.

Traction: I was only able to play on a recently refinished floor, so the traction was great. As dust collected on the surface of the floor, the traction did feel a bit slick, but I was held to the court nicely, so there is no complaint.

Cushion: Probably my favorite aspect of the shoe. The Jetlon midsole is very comfortable, and my legs felt fresh even after 2 hours of playing. There is a slight bouncy feeling, and this midsole will take a long time to bottom out (it may never happen).

Materials: Synthetic leather upper, wraps the foot like a glove. The liner is plush, so the step-in comfort is awesome.

Fit: True to size. Just go with your regular size. Wide footers may feel the need to size up, but this shoe isn’t overly narrow.

Ventilation: The downside to this shoe; there is one. I received a blister on the ball of my right foot (my main pushoff/ lateral movement foot).

Support: The materials and TPU shank gave me awesome support. The glove-like fit kept me contained even though the inside was a nasty pool of sweat.

Overall: Awesome cushion, fit, materials…all of the above except ventilation. One thing to note is that the medial part of the right shoe separated upon my first wear (watch video for full explanation). My recommendation is: I would wait for the J. Crossover 2 and Force Vector release. These two shoes improve in the ventilation area, and will most likely have eliminated the sole separation issue.

  1. If a brand new shoe starts to separate from the shoe upon first wear, why even get into the other aspects… just sayin.

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