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BrandBlack Founder & Creative Director Interviewed by The Hundreds

BrandBlack J Crossover 2

By now, you guys should know the deal with BrandBlack. They’re a no nonsense type of brand that focuses on high quality performance footwear that also has a bit of high end fashion mixed in.

On-court, their products have been surprisingly good – for a ‘new’ brand – and off-court is pretty much up to the person wearing them. I wasn’t a fan of the aesthetics of the J Crossover 1, but they were great on-court – while I absolutely love how their upcoming models look (and perform) – like the J Crossover 2 and Force Vector.

BrandBlack founder David Raysse and Creative Director Billy Dill
BrandBlack founder David Raysse and Creative Director Billy Dill

If you wanted to get inside the heads of the Founder of BrandBlack (David Raysse) & their Creative Director (Billy Dill) then you’ll definitely want to check out their recent interview they conducted with The Hundreds. I thought it was an interesting read & they even threw my name out there – which was freaking awesome!

If you’re interested, you can click HERE to head over to The Hundreds and checkout the interview. Feel free to come back and share your thoughts below in the comment section.

BrandBlack  Jet Mid
BrandBlack Jet Mid
BrandBlack J Crossover 2
BrandBlack J Crossover 2


  1. Can’t wait for the performance review of the J Crossover 2. I am really intrigued by this brand and want to see how these perform. Do you have a pair of Force Vectors? If so, once sentence, or even one word, to describe them?

    1. They’re such a comfortable shoe. Great performance on-court as well. The only true performance woven uppers are from Jordan and BrandBlack. I don’t count Engineered Mesh as performance woven even though I love EM.

          1. Thanks. I think for them to truly make that next step they need to find a way for major retailers to offer their products in stores.

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