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BrandBlack Ether Mid – Coming Spring ’16

Coming Spring 2016 to the BrandBlack footwear lineup is a sneaker named the ‘Ether’.

The shoe looks to feature a ballistic mesh side panel with suede and fuse overlays. What I’m curious about is the cushion; it looks like a gel midsole. I know many will be quick to think this does not look like a hoop shoe, but according to the source, the Ether is indeed a shoe made for the hardwood (or possibly the blacktop).

For now, this is the only visual we get, so we will have to wait on a wider view to pass further judgment. I just wonder how comfortable the cushion is. If judging a book by its cover was ever a good thing, I’d say it looks like walking on ether.

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brandblack ether


  1. It seems to look like the shoe in another photo you posted. “New products at Agenda” they look dope though.. Shoe laces look like the ones on that nyjumpman ig page.. Who knows we’ll just have to wait, I hate that they drop next spring so far

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