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Air Jordan 5

The Air Jordan 5 dropped in February 1990 and it was the first Jordan model to feature a clear rubber sole. This would be Tinker Hatfield’s 3rd shoe with Jordan Brand. Hatfield got the idea for the clear outsole from the Nike Air Mags from the Back to the Future movies. The Air Jordan 5 was also the first basketball shoe with molded foam in the upper.

The iconic peaks on the side of the shoe were inspired by the famous WWII Spitfire fighter planes, because of Michael’s high-flying and aggressive playing style. The Jordan 5 also features a 3M reflective tongue awith heel and forefoot air units. 

As for their on-court performance, they are very similar to the Air Jordan 4. They offer very good traction and decent cushioning. If you choose to hoop in these bad boys, don’t expect too much performance-wise. 


Jordan 5 Reviews

Air Jordan 5 Gore-Tex

Air Jordan 5 Gore-Tex Review

The Air Jordan 5 Gore-Tex is a waterproof Air Jordan that’s specially made for the ladies and comes in women’s sizing. It’s also technically a collab. Colorway: Off-Noir/Fire Red-Black-Muslin Release Date: November 3, 2022 Price: $220 Have you ever wanted to wear your Air Jordans without worrying about the rain messing up the upper materials? Well, now you’ve got a
Air Jordan 5 Aqua

Air Jordan 5 Aqua Review

The Air Jordan 5 Aqua is a good rendition of Chris Paul’s player exclusive pair. In our opinion there are no real deal breakers with this shoe. Colorway: Black/Aquatone-Taxi Release Date: April 8, 2023 Price: $200 Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns currently have a 19-13 record as the 4th seed in the NBA’s Western Conference. They’ve looked great and
Air Jordan 5 Dark Concord

Air Jordan 5 Dark Concord Review

The Air Jordan 5 Dark Concord checks most of the boxes we want in a Jordan Brand release and delivers what should always be expected from such an iconic brand. Colorway: White/Dark Concord-Black Release Date: August 13, 2022 Price: $200 The Air Jordan 5 Dark Concord is one of the best Jordan Brand retro releases of the year so far.
Air Jordan 5 Low Clot

Air Jordan 5 Low Clot Review

The Air Jordan 5 Low Clot could have been at least as good as the Air Jordan 14 Clot collab, but it isn’t. If you haven’t heard already, the shape was butchered, and we can’t do anything about it. With that aside, though, the shoe has its perks. There are glow-in-the-dark elements, and you get a piece of Chinese culture
Air Jordan 5 SE Easter

Air Jordan 5 SE Easter Review

The Air Jordan 5 SE Easter won’t be for everyone, but it does offer a pop of color on your feet if that’s what you’re looking for. While these have been released much earlier in other countries, like the Philippines, they haven’t sold out, and copping a pair is relatively easy. We hope that if you’re looking for a pair
Air Jordan 5 Green Bean

Air Jordan 5 Green Bean 2022 Review

The Air Jordan 5 Green Bean was originally a 2006 release. It’s coming back for 2022 and getting a lot of attention and hype along the way. While Chris is surprised they’re back, the reception from the general public means Jordan Brand made the right call. People tend to get behind all reflective shoes and the Jordan 5 Green Bean
Air Jordan 5 Jade Horizon

Air Jordan 5 Jade Horizon Review

The Air Jordan 5 Jade Horizon rides the wave of having that pre-yellowed look, but it actually doesn’t look forced this time around. The other times Jordan Brand has attempted it, some things looked off. These just look clean and everything complements each other. On top of all that, the materials aren’t half bad. Definitely better than most releases, we’d
Air Jordan 5 Racer Blue

Air Jordan 5 Racer Blue Review

The Air Jordan 5 Racer Blue is a new colorway for the new year, and it’s beautiful. The color blocking will, of course, look familiar, but that’s a good thing. It’s difficult to go wrong with the right color blocking, no matter what colors are used. There’s nothing really too special here, but they do give off Nightwing vibes, so
Air Jordan 5 Bluebird

Air Jordan 5 Bluebird

Colorway: Ice/Blue Graphite/Metallic Silver Release Date: October 7, 2021 Style Code: DD9336-400 Price: $190 The Air Jordan 5 Bluebird is for all the ladies out there who love Jordans, or those who just love a lot baby blue or powder blue on their feet. We think it’s a nice looking colorway. What makes it even better is that the materials
Air Jordan 5 Orange Blaze

Air Jordan 5 Orange Blaze Review

Colorway: Sail/Orange Blaze-Metallic Silver-Black Release Date: October 2, 2021 Style Code: DC1060-100 Price: $190 The Air Jordan 5 Orange Blaze looks like a very recognizable and coveted colorway, and yet doesn’t have that name attached to it. Most everything about this particular version looks fire, from the OG reflective tongue to the nice materials, but there are also some things
Air Jordan 5 Moonlight-Oreo

Air Jordan 5 Moonlight / Oreo 2021 Review

The Air Jordan 5 Moonlight / Oreo is one of the weirdest named Jordan releases of the year. And there are more weird names coming before 2021 ends. This specific colorway was originally released in 2013 and was simply named “Black/White.” The internet called them Oreo for obvious reasons. Now the brand is trying to attach a story that isn’t
Don't Make 'Em Like This Anymore

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like This Anymore

Today’s video asks if Jordan Brand makes shoes like they used to, specifically comparing the Air Jordan 5 Grape Retro from 2006 with what they’re releasing today. Spoiler alert, they don’t make ’em like this anymore. Click play above to watch the full video and see the complete analysis of 2006-era Jordan Retros.
Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull

Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 2021 Review

The Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull aka Toro Bravo was originally released in 2009 as part of a Jordan Brand pack that included an all black reflective version. Along with the Jordan Defining Moments pack, it was one of the more coveted packs in Jordan’s history.
Air Jordan 5 Stealth 2.0

Air Jordan 5 Stealth 2.0

The Air Jordan 5 Stealth returns with the 2.0 moniker due to subtle twists that differentiate it from the original 2006 retro release. Despite what you may have heard, they’re just not the same thing.  The Stealth 2.0 will release Saturday March 27, 2021 for $190 on Nike’s SNKRS app and various retailers like Phenom. We’re hopeful this release has
Air Jordan 5 Anthracite

Air Jordan 5 Anthracite

The Air Jordan 5 Anthracite looks a little plain at first look, but upon further inspection, they’re actually a pretty nice AJ 5. Releasing the same day as the Air Jordan 12 Low Super Bowl, these are the retro Jordans we’d recommend if you’re choosing one that day.
Air Jordan 5 What The

Air Jordan 5 What The

The Air Jordan 5 What The colorway is weird. It’s not a ‘What The’ using original colorways like the Air Jordan 4 What The from last year. Instead, it uses a bunch of limited and collab colorways from the recent history of Air Jordan 5 retros. Chris doesn’t seem to be a fan, but he does understand why people enjoy
Air Jordan 5 apple green

Air Jordan 5 Oregon Apple Green

The Air Jordan 5 Oregon, also called Apple Green, is a remake of the Oregon Ducks exclusive Jordan 5 Retro that released in early 2014. The style of this remake is also similar to the Jordan 5 SE Michigan that released in summer 2019.
Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel Air

Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel Air

The Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel Air or Ghost Green, as Nike is calling it on SNKRS, is a very Zack Morris type of shoe. Which means it’s also a very Chris Chase type of shoe…
Air Jordan 5 Alternate Grape

Air Jordan 5 Alternate Grape

The Air Jordan 5 Alternate Grape takes its place among the many Jordan 5 releases in 2020. We’ve seen three releases so far with at least three more on the way after the Alternate Grape drops in early July. The first three releases this year were the Jordan 5 Off-White, the Jordan 5 OG Fire Red, and the Jordan 5
Air Jordan 5 Top 3

Air Jordan 5 Top 3 | Detailed Look and Review

The Air Jordan 5 Top 3 is a mashup of the three most popular original colors of the Jordan 5 —grape, black metallic and fire red. Our Twitter followers and our Discord community find it a very polarizing shoe. Most people either HATE it or LOVE it. What do you think? In the video, Chris reviews the Jordan 5 Top

SoleSavy Presents: How The Air Jordan 5 Signaled a New Mike Had Arrived

Friends of WearTesters, SoleSavy – the anti-resell, exclusive sneaker community – have just released a feature article chronicling the importance of the Air Jordan 5 in celebration of AJ5 OG ‘Fire Red’ dropping later this week. Written by Ian Stonebrook (formerly of Complex and Jordan Brand) the piece covers just how the Air Jordan 5 ended up becoming a cultural