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Adreian Payne Signs with K1X

NBA rookie Adreian Payne has recently signed with a great up and coming brand, K1X.

The 15th overall draft pick signed to wear K1X sneakers throughout the 2014-15 season. He will be lacing up for the Atlanta Hawks, hopefully we can see some sweet colorways to match theirs. The German brand has yet to release official details on how much/long the deal is for, so stay on the lookout for that.

I like what K1X is doing with their Anti-Gravity model. The 90’s/streetball inspiration has always been something I’ve been personally attached to. What are your thoughts on the signing of the 6’10” former Michigan State Spartan? Share with us down below.

Adreian Payne Signs with K1X 11 Adreian Payne Signs with K1X 2

Via SC

  1. Glad to see this. I don’t think it moves the needle in the grand scheme of basketball shoes, but I like K1X and anything that boosts their profile, even just a tiny bit, I am for. I have the Anti Gravity and they are a very underrated performer. Not spectacular (although all the side panels in the design are spectacular to me at least) but a solid performer that isn’t a stranger to NBA courts (James White of the NY Knicks wore them a season ago)

    1. I was gonna say the same thing. They have been around for a while now but they kind of drifted away from basketball shoes till last season. I buy a lot of their Tee’s etc. always nice to see some versatility in the league. Welcome back K1X

  2. Anyone know what kind of shoes Adreian Payne was wearing in the NCAA tournament in Spokane? They were green, and my wife’s a-jones’n for some.

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