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adidas D Rose 4 Deconstructed

adidas D Rose 4 Deconstructed 4

adidas D Rose 4 Deconstructed 5

adidas D Rose 4 Deconstructed 6

  1. Maybe I’m still stuck in the 90s, but are all outsoles really this thin these days? Wow these look like they wouldn’t last anytime at all on the blacktop.

  2. Ya its my favorite colorwave and unavailable til December when I’ll be looking at the next .5’s… /sigh Lol Cool to see, I’m a fan of all the Rose’s thusfar. and these are lighter than the 3.5 and 3.0s and feel way more sturdy. Even with the thin outsoles, I’ve been playing indoor/ outdoor with these Rose’s as much as I do my HyperDunks. I own a pair every Rose shoe and this, surpassed the 3 and the 773-2 as the best all around shoe, the 773-2 is very sturdy and I noticed Derrick wore them in most of his pre 4.0 shoes as opposed to the 3 series and the 4 comfort wise favor the 773-2 as far as fit.

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