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adidas Crazy Explosive

adidas is coming with the heat for the upcoming 2016 hoops lineup as they plan on featuring budget friendly shoes that are decked out with tech.

We saw the Crazy Explosive a long time ago, back when they were going to be the J Wall 3, but since Wall never re-signed with the Three Stripes they’ll be passing these onto Andrew Wiggins. It’s hard to tell what the materials are with the graphics, but we think they might be a fabric. You can clearly see the full length Boost tooling, and they caged in within TPU panels — much like the Nike Kobe X and BrandBlack J Crossover 3. The lacing design is very Y-3 esque, and we hope that it performs adequately. Traction looks awesome as well which is always a plus.

The shoe will be prices around the $130 mark — might even be below, can’t remember what we had read on the catalog — and they will release later on this year.

Let us know what you think of the adidas Crazy Explosive below in the comment section, and stay tuned for updates.
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  1. While this is full length boost, but there is hardly any room for the foam to expand and compress, I suspect it would feels like the Yeezy or the D Rose 5.
    Anyway, I like the rope lacing and the lacing system though.

    1. Medial side is heavily exposed, and the TPU (or whatever material it may be) running on along the lateral side will probably have some give. Only weird part is that the UltraBoost ST kinda did the opposite when it came to reinforcement.

      Liking how deep the laces go, though I’m wondering how it adds up in the front when the tongue finishes short. I’m also wondering what term they’re running for the flywire-esque loops.

  2. would never play in these. the performance would have to be off the charts in every way to overcome the looks of this shoe. they are just so ugly. the worst I’ve seen in several years

    1. While I would certainly play in anything if it feels and performs good, Adidas did make these way uglier than necessary.. The Zebra print.. cmon, it’s plain hideous by every standard.

  3. the dark toned ones kinda look like trekking shoes 😀
    i’ll give them a try though cause performance comes first

  4. Straight 90’s yall. Looks like an old adidas Kobe. They look FUGLY do sure but I’m sure they will a sick hoop shoe. Adidas has been on point with traction for the last 4 years.

  5. With this and the new crazylight, adidas is finally realizing that boost shouldn’t be heel-only. Took them way too long to realize the obvious, but at least they learned. Should be a good performer if that cage on the boost has enough give. Aesthetically, those alien pod cutouts in the heel kind of ruin it, but the rest is fine.

      1. They used heel-only boost on the crazylight for 2 straight years. I say thats a long time. Maybe they realized it wasn’t great after the second came out, but that still means they made the decision 2 years in a row.

    1. They likely were aiming for full-length from the start…

      Boost is still relatively new and they had to play it in safe increments in applying it to basketball. At the same time, demand was instantly there from the runners so they had to deliver something in the meantime. Nike Air was originally caged so heavily, evolved to 180, and then full 360.

      As it is, Boost in itself supposedly comes in different trims (in terms of firmness). It’s easier to apply to runners since lateral movements (not to mention very aggressive ones) aren’t as much of a concern.

  6. I got to give Adidas props for trying new things. Not feeling these right now though. They remind me of Wrestling shoes you would see in Eastbay catalogs from the early 2000’s.

    I’m not a fan (usually) of all synthetics or futuristic designs but I got to admit I’m looking forward to Adidas’s 2016 lineup more than any other brand. Weird. Hopefully they wont be stingy with full-length colored Boost and Primeknit options

  7. What happened to the WHOLE adidas catalog posting u guys had? Did adidas tell you guys, or was it leaked? Pls respond wear testers.

        1. Months ago they had a couple pages showing the catalog images. It disappeared and I figured that’s what happened. Let’s just say, Adidas is bringing full length boost to more models later this year. It should be interesting.

        2. It included the designs for the J Wall 3 (which is the shoe this article is talking about), James Harden’s new signature (which looked like a super low version of this shoe), and I believe an Andrew Wiggins shoe. Don’t know if the Wiggins shoe was his signature or just a shoe he would endorse. But, with the article saying Wiggins will endorse these shoes, idk whats going to happen to those other supposed Wiggins shoes

          1. It’s not harden or Wiggins sig. They’re just endorsing. Harden gets his sig in 2017 and Wiggins sig is TBD, but prolly not for a minute

  8. These are some of those shoes that look ugly on the first tip, but once you see them on foot while on court, you realize their authenticity. When I first saw the Adidas Crazy 8, that is exactly how I felt about them. What an awkward looking shoe.

      1. I hope that turns out better then the 2015. I love how James Harden plays and I hope his shoes are good too. It’s a shame that John Wall did not resign- I think that he was going to start getting some good stuff. Did he sign anywhere else yet?

        1. No but it is presumed he’ll sign with Nike or jb because he is now represented by lebrons agent. Thing is, he left adidas cause of $$$, but nobody’s going to pay him more than adidas offered

  9. Im really liking that adidas is going with crazier designs again. Nike and adidas have been a little too generic and safe on the looks front for my liking, even if i dont necessarily like the shoes i appreciate when they have unique and crazy designs

  10. It reminds me of reebok shaq attaq 4. The lacing system is interesting. Only 4 pairs of lace holes, i hope it can really lock you down. And the uppermost lace holes, it really looks interesting on how it is implemented. But I think they will use techfit materials for the upper to ensure lockdown.

    1. Solid color like what we saw before when it was the Wall 3 would do wonders for this shoe. The previous images had me wanting this shoe when I saw the solid black color way with white hits.

  11. Well if adidas asked you to take of the catalogue I assume adidas will read some of these comments so, adidas please take the weird design of the upper and just make it solid. Please these would acutually be pretty good looking.

  12. The TPU will expand enough to give adequate support as well as unleashing the properties of Boost. Boost is a helluva cushioning foam, I ran in my Supernova Glide Boosts for the first time today and I hate running, nothing hurts right now. If they come out with a nice white based color way, I’m all in. Nightwing, do you know if these are a design product of the dudes that left Nike to come to Adidas? If so, Adidas basketball is about to get really serious. Hope Wiggins has a breakout season next year, to help push their line.

    1. They started workin at adi last week. Development times for a sneaker range from 3-5 yrs (this was designed years ago). So no way

  13. Finally all Boost, everywhere, this should’ve been the goal from the start(and it could’ve been, Volleyball, and even Indoor-Soccer have had a full-length boost shoe for several years in a row now).

      1. The ‘everywhere’ was kind of the intended key-word, as in, finally not just Rose who gets full-coverage. If adidas wants Boost to be an iconic cushioning, it needs to be everywhere in the basketball line, from top, to bottom.
        It needs to become a ‘fuse-word’, adidas Boost ….. .

  14. the solid colorway looked way better imho… hope we’ll get that option
    kinda worried about the durability of the lacing system, some of us don’t switch our kicks that often.

  15. Maybe the upper is reinforced techfit? TPU Boost cage look like roots.
    I think they will be good performers

  16. Any chance the will re-work the lacing? We’ve had fly wire failure with nike. then you cant lace the shoe? We’ve really liked The D Rose 5s and Dame 1s we’ve worn.

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