Jordan CP3.VI (6) Performance Review

The Jordan CP3.VI will be released nationwide tomorrow, October 3rd, so let’s get you prepared on whether or not they are worth the purchase.


Traction – This traction is straight up insane! Best traction on a sneaker… EVER! Traction is so good you’ll break your own ankles if you aren’t careful.


Cushion – The cushion is minimal and consistent. Foam distributes impact more evenly than anything other type of cushion so it helps relieve stress on your joints. With the CP3.VI, the forefoot is low profile and offers adequate cushion while maintaining some of the greatest court feel I’ve experienced in a shoe. While the forefoot is great, the heel lacks a bit as you can feel your heel sink in a bit due to the recessed section. If the foam weren’t recessed then it would’ve been better… at the least it would have been better had the foam been a bit more firm, not much more, but just a little.


Material – The Fuse upper is great. It’s sturdy where you need it – forefoot – and flexible everywhere else. Fuse is lightweight and durable; I say that often enough that it should already be well known. Overall, I like the materials and think they are applied perfectly.


Fit – They fit true to size and the Fuse wraps around your foot like a glove. Having a plush tongue helps with the overall fit and lockdown but the heel lacks greatly. If you haven’t watched the video then I suggest you do just for the visual. I was unable to achieve secure lockdown at the heel which was a problem I had with the CP3.V. If the designer(s) could get this right, which they should seeing as how other Jordan Brand models don’t have this issue, then the CP3.VI would be the perfect on-court option for Guards.


Ventilation – Much better than the CP3.V. There is nothing that irks me more than a shoe that uses something in its design yet isn’t functional… that’s how I felt about the CP3.V but luckily they have changed all of that by implementing the design they wished to have and made it functional.


Support – The support is good in sections. The midfoot and forefoot fit are superb. Midfoot support – TPU shank – is great. Foundation is nice as it’s slightly wider that the CP3.V and lower to the ground making you feel more stable. Down side… that darn heel.


Overall – I love them personally. They are light, fast and low… everything a Guard wants in a shoe.

Is the heel lockdown something that would make me distract anyone from purchasing them? Yes and No. If you need support, and I mean NEED it… then these are not for you based on the fact that heel lockdown is very important when support is concerned. However, if you like light sneakers that keep you low to the ground allowing you to feel every single thing you are doing on the court as if you weren’t wearing shoes at all… then these are a perfect match for you… as long as you aren’t prone to ankle injuries.





  1. Was hoping heal lock down was fixed on these but it seems to still be an issue. I miss wearing low tops to hoop so I still might pick them up. Thanks for the review.

  2. I think the concave at the heel of the outsole is to mimic a trampoline. They use that design in the Lunar runners (Eclipse, Glides, etc).

    1. Its common in almost all running shoes. This is a hoops shoe and it does not mimic a trampoline, its for impact absorption and in this case it doesnt work well.

  3. So I have one bad Ankle and I wear a pretty heavy brace on that ankle. Should I shy away from these shoes because of that?

    1. what do you mean by heavy brace? I have been wearing tapes on my ankles before. although they help by some degree, you wouldn’t know exactly once you came crashing down on the side of your foot. if you are not a leaper, then these would be fine.

  4. Now I know the reason why many PF/C won’t recommend me CP3 shoes! Love that traction part though. Heel Cushion and Lockdown is very important for me playing as a quick PF/C so I might as well wait for the Rose 3 or go with the Hyperdunk 2012. As always……… Great job and can’t wait about the Performance review on that Jordan 11 since I never tried it on courtand I wasn’t even born when it released last 95

  5. Also, another thing with the heel issue is that the shoes are made for Chris Paul. He may have opted for the shoe to fit that way rather than it being a design flaw. After all, the shoes are made for him. It’s the same thing with the KDs being too narrow for most people but KD has a skinny foot so the shoe is made to fit his feet first.

    1. That has nothing to do with anything. This is a review on a sneaker and its performance. I noted that KDs run narrow because people want and need to know that info in the review so they can decide if they want to buy or not. I didnt know that my reviews were up for review… I’ve been doing this the same way since 2009 and I havent had any issues so far.

      1. you have a point there. the thing with sig shoes is yes they are made for the signature athlete but at the same time what works for them doesnt always for for the general consumer and even if the shoe is made for them, from what i hear from other people is that the signature athletes dont have the same shoe construction as what is generally released. so the upper’s heels’ translation from the athlete’s last to the general release last may not be perfect so that could be also the design flaw NW is talking about. nightwing is just pointing out what may be or not useful for the general consumer. so design flaw or not, if it does not work with the general public, its a flaw.

        i hope you 2 are not fighting. i like this blog and reviews. there are almost no haters. just people really interested how these shoes work.

        1. I agree with both parties including my own opinion – obviously lol. And no, nobody is fighting or beefing. We are men discussing a topic which we happen to not completely agree upon. Happens all the time so I hope LongCity didnt take offense to anything. He’s been a reader/ visitor of this site since it first went live.

  6. i’m all over the minimal cushion and traction!!!
    if i could buy more than one pair of basketball at a time i’d buy these instantly

    nightwing i also enjoyed the str8 to the point video

  7. I really wanted the Olympic color way, but I slept on them now there almost out of all sizes online. But I guess my player edition pack couldn’t be complete cause of the lebron and Kobe’s didn’t retAil pnline or should I say retail easily. Idk my question is any good sites selling them

  8. this might sound stupid, but did you try lacing the top laces tighter for the heel lockdown because i have noticed you tie your shoes very loosely. I’m sure you tried that. was the heel still that bad?

  9. just a question, cuz I use orthotics in my shoes (and I’d say they’re pretty hard for insoles) so I take out all of the insoles on all my basketball shoes and play with the orthotics. Should I still be able to feel the cushion you’re describing? And would this go for all of the shoes as well?

  10. Nice! These shoes are something to look forward to. Looking forward on grabbing a pair when better cw’s hit the stores here.

    Btw, do you think that lacing it up like the way that runner’s do (not sure on what they call that, I just saw a friend who is into running lace it differently on the last 2 holes) would help in heel lock down?

  11. Once again another great review. I’m seriously tempted to get the black/reds. Too bad they didn’t put heel zoom in these. They probably would have been bananas with that cushioning set up…

  12. Is the traction durable on outdoor courts? How would the traction’s durability compare to the Nike lunar hyperdunk 2012?

  13. I wonder if the design has something to do with how CP3 lands on his feet, maybe he just tries to minimize the amount of heel strike or involvement in landings, even when he’s finishing at the rim?

  14. Hey nightwing, A couple of questions, i use orthotics when i hoop (and i’d say they’re pretty hard for insoles) so if i take out the insoles of these shoes and replace them with my orthotics, would i still experience the cushion that you’re describing? And does this apply to other shoes as well? Thanks. Your reviews are really good and you influence greatly on the shoes that i choose.

    1. I dont use orthotics so i cant really say for certain. I have a friend that uses them and i see that he pulls out the insoles and puts in his orthotics so i assume that if an insole is removable then a custom orthotic could be used.

    2. I play in custom orthotics (high arches), and just picked these up the other day to rotate with my Lebron X’s. They work great, very cushy, but I still feel a little heel slippage, although my heel doesn’t come out of the shoe as easy as Nightwing displayed in his video review. Very fun shoe to play in when you want to change it up from high-tops.

  15. Hey NW, been an avid reader of your site since I found it a year ago but have never asked a question till now lol.

    Just wanted to ask about the heel lockdown in the CP VIs vs Hyperdunk 2011 Lows. It looks like both seem pretty average but is one better than the other? I’m trying to decide which pair to get.

    Thanks for the help and your in-depth reviews!

  16. thanks for the fantastic review nightwing.

    as I had suspected, these would really be good. I love the fact that these are light and has an amazing traction. these would really get you flying on the ground. I miss playing with low cuts, but sadly I have to take care of my ankles first.

  17. I really want to buy these shoes but I’m afraid of the lockdown issue in the heel. Would you mind trying the “high lock” lacing method shown here:

    and let me know if it resolves the lockdown issue at all. I’m also a runner and find that anytime my heel slips this lacing techniques normally resolves the issue. Thanks!

    1. I own these sneakers and tried the lacing methods you posted. The lockdown was def. improved. You should have no worries. I double sock though and i tied them pretty damn tight. Also, I have narrow feet and I noticed that when i did tie them tight and lockdown was achieved, there was alot of dead space in the toes. So you may want to go half to a full size down if you have narrow feet.

        1. I did a combo of high and low lock, and there was no heel slippage at all.

          Played in them for the first time last night, probably the best experience i have had in a while with a shoe lol. Traction is amazing, its light weight and fit is perfect for my wide feet. #1 shoe for my personal preference this year.

          1. Same here yet I had no lock down in the heel. Foot shape could have something to do with it. However, they are one of my favs this year as well. Traction was phenomenal.

          2. @Que-PG

            What is your true size? Did you buy a half size bigger? I also have wide feet so i wanna know if you bought true to size or a half size bigger. //Thanks

  18. Just bought the Red Blue N Black Joints on Ebay fo 85 bones. NDUB, is the heal cushion at least Similar to Kobe 5’s

  19. Im a quick guard thats relies on speed a lot and i was wondering if these or the new soldiers would be better for me only performance wise

  20. Hey! Great review, I am loving the shoe! I am 6’2, 142lbs. This shoe feels perfect for me, but you said the heel wasn’t so great. Could I buy an insole, or one with a higher heel to make the lockdown better? Do you think I should buy these shoes, the D.Rose Adizero 3, the Nike Lebron X10, the hyperdunk 2012, or any other shoes? I am a guard, very explosive and athletic, with handles, going side to side, forwards and backwards, and plenty of lateral movements. Thanks a lot guys, and Night Wing 2303!! Keep working hard and staying true to others and yourself. May God bless!! 🙂

  21. Thanks for a great review, NW. I really appreciated. I wonder if u can compare the traction of these with the Kobe IV … which one u prefer??

    1. Right underneath traction, he says that it’s the best traction ever on a sneaker. smh… how dumb can you be.

  22. Hi Nightwing,

    Could you please fly to my city, get a job at McDonald’s, buy these shoes for me, tie them on my feet, take me to a gym, teach me how to play, take my shoes off, rub my feet, then tell me how these shoes performed for me?

    Look, you kids are the definition of stupid. If you are asking these questions and you are over the age of 8 you can get ready for a life of Ramen noodles and a trailer park.

    Na, but really…The man does reviews on his own time. He thoroughly explains more than anyone in the world. Anyone. Learn to read and ask questions that aren’t already out there.

    You can’t defend your questions. They are the worst. Try a shoe on at a store and grow up.


  23. nightwing, is the fit bad enough that they would slip while, playing. Is it a problem while cutting, like for quick players like myself i dont want the shoe falling off, is that a problem, thanks

  24. hey nightwing, there’s a new cw of the cp3 vi on! i copped the new unc cw- thought you’d like to know!

  25. Do you guys think I should get these or the under armour micro g bloodlines? Or eventually the adidas rose 3s? I’m a guard! Need help

  26. Hey Nightwing i need some help…im a powerforward playing in cp3.v’s which were perfectly fine but now its time to upgrade..should i get the since ive played in the v’s already or should i choose between the 2012 hyperdunk or the lebron 9 low…what i need is an all around better shoe for a power forward/center..i have played in the 2011 hyperdunks as well so that is why im considering the 2012 hyperdunks as well…please reply…ur opinion is much appreciated

    1. On a dusty floor you’ll be laughing at everyone skating around.

      @Beek, these fit true to size, i have wide feet, so wide that even going half a size up on narrow shoes like Crazy Lights 2.0 and Rose 3.0 (which i both had and had to return), they still hurt and cause foot spasms.

  27. Was wondering if these would be okay for someone who occasionally plays outdoors. I rip through tread as I’m incredibly hard on my shoes (the problem with speed being the focus of your game) and want a shoe to last around 6 months. The photos show that these do have insane tread, but is the rubber really soft? Should I opt for the Super.Fly if I want a truly indoor/outdoor shoe or stick with these? The whole profile of the shoe is perfect for me, I’m just worried that these won’t last as long I hope for. Also, is seems that everyone says these are bad for leapers? I’m a “dirty work” kind of guard how often battles for rebounds; should I look at something with more cushion, like the Soldier 6?

  28. I play G/SG/SF I’m a leaper, and I wear speedwraps when I play. should I shy away on this one? I’m really liking the traction part on this shoe because I also like to run around the court.

  29. Would you recommend these for outdoor use or only indoor? If you don’t recommend it for outdoor can you suggest any pairs of low top basketball shoes for outdoor play for a guard? Thanks.

  30. Hey NW, a very important question here:
    I wear ankle support and could this help me improve and avoid heel slippage?
    Thanks alot, great reviews!

  31. i have the cp3 and the kobe 8 i was shocked but the cp3’s are way more comfortable then the kobe i would give the cushion a 9.5

  32. I just realized in order for the heel lock down to work you’d have to get a smaller size than your usual.

  33. I bought a pair of size 12 CP3’s and found that the more pressure you put on the heel/toe area, the better. I play PG/SG and ball hard. Usually a 40-45 minute player and these shoes have alternated with my AJ 2012 Lite’s during the year. I find that cutting and dribble specific play is nicely done with the CP3’s and in a more drive and dish or drive and splash game, I prefer the AJLite’s. Overall it is a great shoe and has many upsides. I do, however, want to state that the player makes the shoe and not the other way around. So if you think your gonna buy a pair of shoes and go from chump to champ, your kidding yourself. That being said, CP3’s will shave a bit off your 40 lol

  34. I want to answer Julie…The CP3’s are better than the KD’s and Lebrons for a guard player..For looks, they rank up there too..The Lebrons can be custom made on nikeid, so if you buy them for looks, thats a good place for around $220-240 a pair. However, for ball play, I recommend the Lebron X over the KD’s or CP3’s for a bigger guy..Forwards and centers would do best with the Lebron X. Guards without ankle problems, I recommend the CP3’s. AJ 2012 Lite, and Air Jordan 28 are great as well..For the price of Lebrons I would gladly get AJ 28’s. The KD’s to me are a bit nonresponsive, stiff, and narrow. Too much time in them for me would result in blisters

  35. I would like to comment that I do not experience the heel slip that most mention. However I do find that the top of my toes, particularly the middle toe on both feet blister and usually end up with an open cut after playing in these shoes. I’m thinking it may be the socks and not shoes as I wear two socks and they are fitted Uniqlo athletic socks but they shift. I will try to experiment with one sock and other brand socks. I’m very interested in trying the famed Nike Elite socks as well. I have used these shoes outdoors on a dirty Shanghai court and did experience some sliding. However indoor they have great traction as stated. My foot is flat and wide (EE) for reference. Only worn the shoes 3 times so hopefully they will break in more as times goes on.

  36. Hey nightwing, I’ve been watching ur vids for quite some time now, and I started to look into ur website… I should have went to this site before! Just great! Keep it up and cant wait for ur review on the ae!!! well i hope u will plan on grabbing a pair lol. The sexy traction is still there, and i just want to know if there is at least improvement on its heal lockdown. From a fellow bay area native, you have my thanks 🙂

  37. Hi Nightwing, I know everyone pretty much experienced heel slippage even when the shoes were laced to the top hole. What I would like to know is do you think the slippage decreases with two socks on. (Padded socks)

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