More Images of an adidas Crazy Explosive Low Andrew Wiggins PE Surface

We already know #BoostIsLife when it comes to adidas kicks. Now, more images of one of the recently unveiled Andrew Wiggins Crazy Explosive PEs have surfaced. adidas has given Minnesota Timberwolves forward Andrew Wiggins multiple PE colorways of the Crazy Explosive so it’s only right It would only be right for the brand to give him some flair on the Low. When this PE was first unveiled, it had AW branding on the tongues, but these images show adidas branding.

Adidas Crazy Explosive Low - AW - Side

This CE Low has a zebra-like patterned gray Primeknit upper. There is TPU caging wrapping the Boost cushioning along the lateral side of the shoe while the medial side is exposed to allow the cushion to expand and compress. The insole of the shoe features Andrew Wiggins’ initials.

The shoe has yet to have a release date, but these images lead us to believe that it will land at retail soon. The price should be $140 for the Primeknit upper.

And in case you missed the performance review of the Crazy Explosive Low you can catch Nightwing2303’s here. Most of the WearTesters team tested the CE mid and we loved it.

Adidas Crazy Explosive Low - AW - Medial Angle

Adidas Crazy Explosive Low - AW - Top

Adidas Crazy Explosive Low - AW - Outsole

Adidas Crazy Explosive Low - AW - Lateral Angle


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  1. On Eastbay it does not have a picture of these shoes but does state “Black/White” Primeknit colorway to be released March 30th? Just assumption right now but hopefully thats the date! Can’t wait!

    1. yo – I saw this date on Eastbay and thought the same thing. And since they’re marked $140 (aka primeknit pricing), I think (hope) you’re right.

      1. I was waiting until today and it just disappeared off the east bay release calendar! Anybody got an update?

  2. I know it should be trivial, but not having the AW logo on the tongue is a HUGE sell for me. I love this b/w zebra print, but I’m not trying to rep Wiggins via a PE. Nothing wrong with the dude – just not someone I want on my shoes.

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