adidas and Andrew Wiggins Unveil Two New Crazy Explosive Low PEs

Today, adidas and Andrew Wiggins unveiled two new Crazy Explosive Low PEs and one of them features Primeknit. Get ready.

If you’re into player editions then these might be your thing. Andrew Wiggins has been the frontrunner for the Crazy Explosive and now that the refreshed version of the line, the Low, has released you can expect to see more PEs dropping soon.

One of these we’ve already seen before and we reported that they’d be available Saturday, March 4, for $120 (the ‘Gold Standard’ edition that is done up in blue). However, if you wanted Primeknit on your CE Low then wait for April 7 as that is when the ‘Wolf Grey’ pair will be made available for $140.

Check out some great shots of both colorways below and let us know if you plan on picking any of them up once they’ve released.

Via adidas




  1. The white PK version on Eastbay/Footlocker is said to release on the 6th but Finishline says the 10th at least the last time I checked. Which one is the correct release date?

  2. They’re really pushing this as a lifestyle shoe with pics like these. It does look good as a lifestyle shoe, though. The mids were a meh looks-wise, but the lows work for some reason.

  3. Whatever happened to the release of the crazy light boost Chinese New year… Or any other primeknit release?

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