adidas D Rose 7 Performance Review | NYJumpman23

Back to back. That’s the way adidas has been bringing it with the hits. Why stop now? The Rose 7 is next so let’s go…

Adidas DRose7 - Traction

Traction – Beastly, beastly, beastly, BEASTLY! No matter how hard I stop and go, and laterally cut, I wasn’t going anywhere. Stop-on-a-dime! I didn’t even need to wipe the bottom of the shoe. Will the outsole last? Well, much better than last year’s D Rose 6, although it is probably best played indoors due to the soft rubber compound. If you have some chump change lying around and need a traction that works both outdoors and indoors then this would be the choice out of the all the products from adidas.

Adidas DRose7 - Cushion

Cushion – Full length Boost. Just like what’s featured on the adidas Crazy Light Boost 2016, but the D Rose 7 would be its big brother. The Boost feels exactly the same on both shoes so you know the firm feel is along the forefoot. The heel was slightly bouncier, but not on an UltraBoost/PureBoost level like the adidas Crazy Explosive. The cushion works and does the job — just not my cup of tea for a big man game.

Adidas DRose7 - Materials

Materials – This pair features an engineered mesh along the upper backed by nylon. You also have synthetic leather across the ankle while the collar utilizes neoprene and padding. Fuse is apparent in high wear areas such as the drag area.

This engineered mesh upper was definitely rougher than what I’m used to, particularly when coming from a Kobe 9 model. Although it’s not bad, it’s also not great. What stands out in particular is the neoprene padding inside the shoe that offers no restriction. The shoe does feel slightly clunky, being that it’s like a big brother to the CLB2016.

I do wish it cut down the weight, felt more bouncy, and used real leather rather than synthetic along the lace wings — but that’s just my two cents. The materials combined together in this particular model work well and efficiently.

Adidas DRose7 - Fit

Fit – The adidas D Rose 7 fits true to size. TTS! Yes, adidas has been inconsistent with sizing and that’s something it truly has to work on. While slightly narrow along the forefoot, my slightly wide feet were able to manage and break in the materials backing the engineered mesh along the roll-cage. Lockdown is above average and there were no issues with transitioning from heel to forefoot and vice-versa along movement. My only gripe would be the lacing, which we’ll talk about next.

Adidas DRose7 - Support

Support – Boost cushioning, Superior Traction, and decent support. Very well padded ankle collars are a plus, as well as the no-wipe traction and full-length Boost cushion that make this shoe ALMOST great, with one minor exception I had: my laces kept coming undone after every two to three plays, but it could be an issue with my particular pair. After logging more hours it stopped happening when I redid the whole lacing of the shoe from scratch. Don’t you just hate it when you have to stop every other play to re-lace? It kills the flow of your game.

Other than that gripe, the support is amazing. From the midfoot support to the cupped TPU shank plates that hold your heel, your feet are not going anywhere except for a smooth ride. The roll cage has been stellar with keeping the foot from rolling over from hard cuts, so stability has been key for these shoes. I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with the D Rose 7 at all.

Adidas DRose7 - Overall

Overall – Man…if I told you adidas has been killing it so far this year, I mean it with an exclamation mark! The D Rose 7 has every component a serious ball player wants and needs. The traction, cushion, and support for those who play on the parameter and/or cut and slash. For a big man, if you play down low, the D Rose 7 might not be the shoe for you if you indeed need the extra plush feeling. For players who want the adequate feel and need that low to the ground feeling, then this one’s for you. And that BEASTLY traction. OhhhMuuuuuhhhGawddd! If adidas added the Continental rubber on these outsoles they’d probably put a tire grade on it and tell you to change it every 40,000 miles, that’s how good it was.

The higher cut D Rose 7 has upgraded traction and good materials for a non-premium price. We’re in awe and we can’t ask for much more (sure we can). We can’t wait until the D Rose 8. All in all, for the reasonable price point, you’re absolutely in for more than just a treat — it’s an absolute slam dunk!

Rose-7-Adidas Scorecard - NYJ23

adidas D Rose 7 

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  1. “I didn’t even need to wip”. That’s enough for me. Boost plus great traction plus wide footer friendly. Adidas is really killing it. Good performance review by NyJumpman23.

  2. So they could break-in. The lateral sides of my feet was sore on my first try of the Primeknit model. I do hope my shoes adapt to my feet.

    1. Jericc, yes needs break-in, which is why my review took a little longer, I wanted to make sure you guys got thorough review from all angles, thanks for reading.

  3. Good review.
    Once you mentioned narrow forefoot, my biggest issue with shoes came back to mind. NYJUMPAN, could you please write some of the best models for wide feet (especially forefoot) ?

    1. For my instance, I prefer the Nike KD9, The Nike Lebron Ambassador 8, the Adidas Crazy Explosive, Air Jordan 31, and last but not least – Brandblack JC2, JC3, Force Vector, Ether so far.
      Off the top of my head that I can think of.

  4. Thanks for the review. Like others have noted its nice to hear they break in. I have a semi wide but mostly thick foot. They felt extremely tight (on the top of the foot were you would kick a soccer ball) even without me lacing them on first try on.

    I really hope Adidas isn’t stingy with the Primeknit colorways of these and the Crazy Explosives like they were last year with the Rose 6’s. They could do some really awesome things if they wanted.

    I’m trying to stay strong and not buy so many shoes but Adidas is really making it hard this year (Nike and Jordan Brand….. not so much).

  5. This is hands down one of the best shoes. The only thing I don’t like is how heavy they are. They feel like bricks on your feet.

  6. Thanks for the review, Nyjumpman23!

    The traction is consistent in all reviews and that’s awesome, that helps a lot when doing combo dribbling moves,

    That continental rubber is playing hide and seek, they put it on the clb2016 for 120-130 but not on any of the two, CE and D Rose 7, which are much more expensive, is their partnership with continental selective? But almost all the new ultra boost have continental rubber,

    Would there be a followup review if you guys get the primeknit version?

    I don’t mind paying $160 if the materials are awesome and the colorway is great, thanks!

    1. Believe Jarron is doing the primeknit, so definitely stay tuned. And definitely wish they had the continental rubber on these bad boys, would be legit. Thanks for reading!

  7. Great review. I play inside and outside, and need some more forefoot cushioning. I tried these on today and boy the forefoot boost is really stiff. I think the Crazy Explosive is more suited for my game and age. Thanks again for reviewing these kicks and helping me decide.

    1. 40Plus,
      Man, always great for your support. Yeah, I have the inside-outside game, and I def need the extra cushion. The explosive will be one of the shoes I work on, but I love that model. Thanks for reading my dude and for the support.

  8. Thanks for the review bro. This perspective really helped a lot. I really wish that these delivered a setup more similar to last year’s. I understand if it’s to cater to Rose and he prefers this though but then I wish that the CLB had the softer ride at least. Hopefully, the CE will come out in a darker prime knit and I really hope that the rumors of a low are real. As always, keep up the great work NY.

    1. Trezz!!
      The CE will come in a Black PK supposedly. But, of course, until it happens then.
      Yes, i wish it was the boost was softer ride for the Rose and CLB, but it’s sorta of a new transition with Adidas. So hopefully they’ll listen. Of course, not all shoes cater to our needs, so that’s why we weartest diligently on models and give the feedback. We look forward to what the Three Stripes has next b/c so far these shoes have been pretty awesome.
      Thanks for the support!

  9. Thanks for the review!
    I am a guard and deciding between the curry 2.5 and the D rose 7. Do the Rose 7’s play bulky in comparison to the 2.5? Do the curry 2.5’s play much lighter? And which cushion setup would you recommend for a small quick and shifty point guard?

  10. So between five stores near me there are none of these to be found. Going to have to order online, so I was curious if the fit is similar to the Rose 6? I have a pair of the 6s and planned on ordering same size…
    Thanks for the review!

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