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Nike Zoom Clear Out Performance Review

The Nike Zoom Clear Out follows in the footsteps of the Nike Hyperrev 2016 and is in no way a complete disappointment, but had some downsides when analyzing the differences between the Hyperrev 2016 and the Zoom Clear Out.


nike zoom clear out performance review 1

For those of you who have played in the Nike Hyperrev 2016, you already know how traction is: it works and it works very well. I personally haven’t played in the Nike Hyperrev 2016 but based on my experiences in the Nike Zoom Clear Out, this traction set up is beyond good. On all surfaces you will be covered and wiping will be minimal if at all. I would not recommend for outdoor usage as the rubber is very pliable and soft.


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The outsole of the Nike Hyperrev 2016 is utilized on the Nike Zoom Clear Out, but the cushion isn’t unfortunately. Based on seeing the outsole on the Nike Zoom Clear Out, my initial thoughts were that the shoe featured forefoot and heel Zoom Air. However, after trying them on, playing in them for a couple of weeks now, the Nike Zoom Clear Out only features forefoot Zoom. By no means is it inadequate, it is definitely not taken for granted, but seeing how one could think there is heel Zoom in the shoe and get excited is obvious to say the least. While the forefoot Zoom is adequate in terms of impact protection and responsiveness, you don’t feel its responsiveness a lot unfortunately. This is great for the guards who love court feel and don’t need to feel something underfoot, but if you’re like me and like to feel the large amounts of response from the cushion, you may want to look elsewhere.


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No break in time needed for the upper of this shoe. You know why? It’s because it’s a micro mesh, and oh yes, it does it’s job. Being a tighter knitted mesh, the upper of the shoe doesn’t give as much stretch as a normal open mesh. It’s soft enough to where it still wraps around your foot really nicely and you can play with them right out of the box while also having some additional durability compared to an open mesh. Fuse is placed in high wear areas to have additional protection to the micro mesh. Durability may be something to watch out for as it is a mesh upper and can still rip or tear like any other soft material.


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The fit of the shoe is more or less true to size, although you really need the right size in these to get the right amount of support. I played in a size 10.5 the entire time, and while there’s nothing to really complain about from when I was playing in them, I can for sure say that a size 10 would have been better for me. I had a little too much dead space in the toebox but the rest of the fit was perfect. Once laced up completely, the asymmetrical tongue helps to draw your foot into the footbed and keep you locked into the shoe.


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With the right size, the Nike Zoom Clear Out can have exceptional support. While I didn’t feel insecure in a bigger size, I did experience minor heel slippage when playing but not to a point where it hindered my ability to play basketball. The shoe features two nylon straps at the first two eyelets which act like Flywire and secure themselves around your forefoot when tightened. The asymmetrical tongue draws your foot into the shoe and keeps your foot locked down, while an exaggerated piece of Phylon wraps up from the heel area of the midsole and acts as an extra heel counter upon lateral movements. The shoe also features an internal heel counter and molded arch.

Nike Zoom Clear Out Overall

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The Nike Zoom Clear Out is a great model following the Nike Hyperrev 2016. However, the two retail for the same price and one features both forefoot and heel cushion which is a quality that should be kept in mind. These are already at outlets or on sale at various stores, so for $100 or less, you’re getting a really good performer for a good price. Traction, materials, and support are all highlights of the shoe and will be liked by most people who play in the Nike Zoom Clear Out. Be sure to try on a pair before purchasing if possible, and consider the cushion setup. Keep this all in mind when considering to purchase a pair of the Nike Zoom Clear Out.

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  1. Nice traction and wide footer friendly. Cushioning I guess is to be expected from a buget friendly Nike. Not bad for 110. Good performance review by Wongkicks.

  2. Thanks for the review! Interesting that they would taketh heel zoom out when it seems like more of a hassle for them even.

  3. Tried these on at a local store. The extension on the heel right on the “mouth” of the shoe is really bothering and painful. Does this go away after breaking in the shoe?

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