What’s Inside the Nike Kobe NXT 360

The latest model in the Kobe Bryant signature collection is the highly anticipated Nike Kobe NXT 360, the first basketball shoe to feature Flyknit 360.

Detailed in the images below, the Nike Kobe NXT 360 features a first for the basketball category: a 360-degree Flyknit build that wraps entirely around your foot from top to bottom.

No strobel board is used on this shoe, it’s just the upper that’s been glued to the outsole (cushioning comes from a drop-in removable midsole). The midsole also features a first for Nike Basketball as it’s comprised of Lunarlon and React.

The inscriptions found on the midsole are pretty cool — they’re like a throwback to when tech specs of a shoe would be labeled on the box lid. The midsole explains what the inner workings of the materials are for and why they’re in the locations they’re in.

Something that caused me to scratch my head was the portion that reads “This part is soft for quick cuts,” as it contradicts what Nike has said in previous statements about the shoe. Softness within the cushion and midsole setup will reduce your reaction speed by a few milliseconds, but Nike says that Kobe Bryant (and other champions) make the most of every millisecond. Perhaps Nike has figured out how to provide wearers with soft cushion while still maintaining the same level of reaction speed for quicker movements.

The Nike Kobe NXT 360 is scheduled to release on April 13 for $200 at Eastbay.com.

Are you interested in picking up a pair? Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned for performance reviews from the WearTesters squad once we’re able to purchase our pairs.



Images via @conkeror21


  1. Oh, the reviews on these are going to be funny! Nightwing, there is a video of Kobe Bryant at his camp making fun of the Adidas Crazy Light, just sayin’! There were also comments coming from the Nike camp, designers, chiding Adidas for gutting that shoe of all of its supposed protective components, of which DID have a heel counter and protective outriggers for instability, counterbalancing measures…so now this?! I personally could ball in the Crazy Light Mid, but I didn’t like the cushioning set up as much as another shoe that Adidas had out at the time, which indeed made me feel safer as well, the Adi Power Howard. This is going to be really interesting to watch, and read about as the reviews roll in.

      1. Right? I’ve got two pairs of Kobe 11 EMs that I love playing in, and paid $100 and $80 for. They were originally $160. Zero chance that I’m paying more than $100-$120 for these.

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