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What’s in the Bag?


A while back I posted up the Nike KD backpack which is currently available. In that thread I explained how much I enjoyed using backpacks versus a duffle bag. So with that… let’s see what I typically carry with me when I head out to the court.

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This particular bag can be found exclusively at PickYourShoes & is a Sneaktip x Sprayground collaboration, I honestly love the bag. My previous bag was a Jordan Brand bag, I thought it was perfectly fine and suited my needs just fine… until I used this bag which has much more storage space within it and the shape of the bottom is squared which is perfect for holding sneakers.


There are tons of pockets all over the place… I think there are 8 pockets total; all of which are oversized & fit even more than I need most often. One small feature I thought was cool is that some of the zipper areas have a small pocket for the zippers handle… I know there is a name for the tip but I’m not a backpack expert so I have no clue what they’re called.


The top of the bag has a small pouch, which really isn’t very small at all. This thing holds my keys, phone and whatever else you may carry with you… Driver’s License for example. It’s also lined with a velour type of material, pretty fancy.  


There are two main pouches, both are huge.


Once you open this guy up there are even more storage compartments… awesome! You can see I carry my ball pump in the top mesh pouch.


Under the top mesh pouch is two smaller (but deep) mesh pouches. I have my gum in the right pouch and Mission Power Grip in the left… review coming soon by the way.   


Once inside I have my water bottle and all my compression gear. Two compression sleeves for my knees, one for my elbow (sometimes I use shooter sleeves when this one is dirty – I have tendonitis in my right elbow so this helps a bit with the pain) along with my sweat band that I wear on my arm as well… no headband… sorry guys.


The best feature is this large main pouches’ storage capacity. I was able to fit two pairs of shoes in my old bag but I would have to fight to zip the thing up and the shoes would be so squished that the soles would be pressing against my back while I wore it. This bag is squared at the base so I am able to lay my kicks inside just as they would be in their respective boxes, throw in my compression gear and water bottle and I’m good to go.


On the backside of the main storage area is another huge pouch with a zipper, some pencil sleeves (I don’t use those), a larger pouch on the left which is where I keep my tape in case I roll an ankle… funny right, the guy with an ankle injury has tape for such an occasion… and next to that is a smaller pouch for your iPod or iPhone with a headphone outlet to thread your music accessories through.


Behind the main pouch is a thinner one which is also lined with the velour material. This is supposed to be used for a laptop but since I use this bag for the gym I stick my hoody and sweat pants inside, neatly folded and ready for when I’m done playing.  


Here is an up close shot of the velour type material… its super soft… I wish they used this stuff on sneakers.


The back of the bag is heavily padded, I loved this as well. The entire back side is padded from top to bottom and the black mesh areas have some additional padding as well and help a bit with ventilation.


You have your typical straps plus a chest buckle. This is cool for when you are walking to the gym or court as your bag wont bounce against you. If you skate (I used to) this will have the same effect which is nice since it helps you keep your balance on the board.


There is also a stash pocket at the base of the backside… if you’re into that type of thing…


This is a super high quality bag and I like it a lot more than I expected. As I said earlier, you can grab this bag over at PickYourShoes along with a few other selections. I know this bag isn’t exactly meant for ballers… but you can make anything suit your needs if you’re creative.

Now that you know what’s in my bag, what’s in yours? Hit the contact link at the top of the page and I’ll tell you where you can send me images of what’s in your bag and I may feature it here on the site.

    1. I used to carry a sack bag with me but eventually i rand out of space so converted to backpacks and have loved backpacks ever since.

  1. Nightwing, awesome to see whats in your bag. I’ve love seeing what is in other ballers bag and what they carry (i.e. adidas whats in your bag series) plus I’m kind of a sucker of backpacks/bags. I NEED this BAG!!!!

    Also I can’t believe I missed this one (since I check your site at least once a day)….

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