What Could Be the adidas Harden Vol 3 Has Leaked

Some overseas sneaker spies may lose their jobs over these photos but it looks like a possible adidas Harden Vol 3 has leaked…

With the retail setting shown these pictures it may be safe to assume that what is pictured here is in fact the Harden Vol 3, James Harden’s next signature sneaker. Like the D Rose 9, this Harden Vol 3 leak features the exaggerated outward-facing heel sculpt. However, unlike Derrick Rose’s next sneaker, which uses a Primeknit upper, the Harden Vol 3 here uses what appears to be a tight mesh with thick backing (see the eyestay). Leather builds are also pictured in these leaks.

Moreover, the Harden sneakers pictured here feature a new elastic band between the forefoot and midfoot that bares Harden’s signature. The shoe flaunts huge roman numerals on the medial side — 13, Harden’s jersey number — and rides atop a new Boost tooling that appears to be completely uncaged. Finally, the toe has gotten some fuse reinforcements for those that toe-drag.

There is no official word yet on when the Harden Vol 3 will arrive at retail or when it will be officially unveiled but for now, enjoy these leaks.

You can check out Nightwing2303’s adidas Harden Vol 2 Performance Review for more information.

adidas harden vol 3 possible

Photo via Hupu user Baqian Qiong Gou

adidas harden vol 3 leak

Photo via Hupu user Baqian Qiong Gou

adidas harden vol 3

Photo via Hupu user

adidas harden vol 3 leak 2

Photo via Hupu user Baqian Qiong Gou

adidas harden vol 3 leak 1

Photo via Hupu user Baqian Qiong Gou


Source: Baqian Qiong Gou / Hupu


  1. The one with the leather build looks slick, probably the best looking one, but the pinky blocks ruined the look, they should’ve applied gold accents instead, maybe with the “imma-b-a-star” colorway.

  2. I dig it, they look light weight and simple. Harden’s line so far has been pretty good hopefully these perform just as good as the 1s if not better

  3. I’m diggin these. I wasn’t a fan of the 1s though they did perform well. Liked the 2s a lot better. I’m defiantly gonna cop a pair of the 3s…..Looks like the Dame 5s in the background of the pic with the black/pink Hardens.

  4. It looks good, although the simplicity of the mesh upper make it look kind of like a budget shoe. It looks like an inbetween of a running and bball shoe, so hopefully that means it plays fast while still feeling solid. This leaker should’ve got a shot of the traction.

  5. The boost is not as thick as the previous shoes, and it doesn’t carried by anything, that makes it’s look’s like a running shoes

  6. Undecided. I like how the boost isn’t caged but who the hell is doing toe drags so bad that they need to put such an exaggerated protective fuse piece on the toebox. It makes the shoe look cheap (looks like someone covered a hole with duct tape).

    One thing is for sure. Somebody’s gonna loose their job and an entire company might loose its distribution license over these pictures.

  7. The gray coloway looks awesome. Design wise, I like that they integrated the lateral cage into the midfoot strap. The almost uncaged boost is interesting. I hope they increased the density on the boost for a little bit of firmness.

  8. I’m a fan of the harden’s. I like the look of th appear lighter than the 2s. I hope this is the 3

  9. Is it just I that can feel from the pics there is a dead space in the toe box area same as the Hyperrev 2016s?

  10. might just be me, but these look like they followed the Harden BTE2 design wise. does it look good? for me, yeah. but it does not look inspired that much

  11. These better be priced at $120.. again I’m going to bitch about the slanted adidas logo. It ruins the shoe and they should have had the adidas logo on the rear or tongue or small adidas lettering where the stripes are. The Harden logo and boost is all we need to know that it’s an adidas shoes or cheap sketchers shoe…

  12. Yaaaaaa. This definitely looks like the adidas version of the cp3. Hope chris paul stays on the rockets because that would be awkward.

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