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VIDEO: adidas D Rose 5 BOOST feat. Derrick Rose

adidas today debuts a new video featuring Derrick Rose and his latest signature shoe, the D Rose 5 Boost, and I know I can’t wait to try a pair out… probably my most anticipated shoe of the year (that’s left over).

The D Rose 5 Boost is the ultimate signature shoe to outfit Derrick Rose on and off the court. It features adidas’ most innovative technology and the most personal details ever included on a shoe in the D Rose signature collection. The D Rose 5 Boost offers full shoe length Boost cushioning technology designed for heightened energy return and step-in comfort to ensure maximum performance.

– adidas

The D Rose 5 Boost launches at adidas.com on October 23rd.

  1. I am really looking forward to trying these out. As for me, the key perfomance categories are cushioning and support. Maybe I am special, but I don’t really care about ventilation(it sucks anyway), but fit is another really important aspect, because my previous adidas shoes gave me an insane pain and I’ve always had corns on my toes. Hope DRose 5 won’t have this problem. I wanted to buy XX8 SE/ XX9, but will wait for these, cushioning must be awesome.

    1. The XX8 has everything except proven durability, so get these if the price is right.

      You didn’t list traction and that is probably what has people nervous the most about these upcoming Rose 5 models. Traction is imperative to help you loose dudes and/or stay with them.

    1. yes because adidas ties its athletes shoes for them.

      Log out for the day, the internet is too much for you to handle.

          1. Is he not running in this commercial? I didn’t say his shoes being tied had anything to do with any of his injuries… In fact, having his laces tied would in fact LOWER the risk of any mishaps. Him coming out of his shoes because they aren’t tied can cause an injury. I don’t know how you play but I like having my laces done up when I walk onto the court. Don’t be stupid, you use your brain.

    2. His lacing being tied in no have any affect on injury at all lol an if you look at nba players who wear high tops a lot of times they don’t have them all the way to the top because it restricts natural range of motion, but wtever man lol

  2. These had better sell like crazy or UA is gonna lap them. Come on Adidas think back to those classic 90s styles.

  3. Whoever is in charge of aesthetic design over a adidas should be fired. Adidas had all the ingredients…they just can’t put together a polished product. Even in a commercial like this these things still look like an unfinished prototype.

    1. That’s an Eastbay dunk and that shouldn’t be hard at all for a player of his caliber. He’s 6’3 remember? The video slows it down to make it look more dramatic too.

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