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Under Armour Becomes 2nd Best Selling Sportswear Brand in the U.S.

Under Armour Presents the ClutchFit Drive Basketball Shoe

Under Armour has outsold adidas for the first time making the three stripes the third best selling sportswear brand in the U.S.

Even with Kevin Durant staying with the swoosh, Sara Germano of the Wall Street Journal reports that Under Amour has jumped passed adidas to become the second best selling sportswear brand  in the U.S.. This is great for Under Armour as they have put in a lot of hard work to provide great products to athletes all around the world. Most of Under Armour’s success comes from apparel, but their recent surge in the sports footwear market has helped them become the second best sportswear company in country.

The Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo was rated Best Debut by Runners World
The Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo was rated Best Debut by Runners World

Since day 1 here at Wear Testers we give honest unbiased opinions on all the products we performance review, and Under Armour products have always performed great. Under Armour ‘s most recent on court model, the ClutchFit Drive, is a fantastic model that combines proven technology in Micro G foam, with new tech in the ClutchFit upper. The Anatomix Spawn line is amazing as well, and the Spine ClutchFit is a fantastic running model as well. Huge marketing campaigns for models such as the SpeedForm Apollo have helped Under Armour get exposure to build brand recognition and this definitely translates into sales.


The adidas D-Rose 5 is set to release on October 23. Get ready #BoostChangesEverything
The adidas D-Rose 5 is set to release on October 23. Get ready #BoostChangesEverything

As for adidas their recent drop is a concern, but with upcoming models that feature Boost foam like the D-Rose 5 should be something to look forward to. Also with their biggest star in basketball Derrick Rose healthy representing the three stripes, fans shouldn’t count adidas out just yet. A signature model from John Wall is on the Horizon, and the evolution of Damian Lillard into an NBA All-Star is great for adidas and givers fans something to look forward to.

Overall Under Armour’s presence has been felt in the sports footwear market thanks to consistent performing models and their recent success in the U.S. is well deserved. adidas is by no means going away; Under Armour and adidas are both great companies that provide quality products. While its great to see Under Armour rise through the ranks, this recent movement is great for the sportswear community as a whole and it gives athletes more options to choose from.

  1. UA has been producing really good shoes till now and now they are right next to the swoosh…

    I had my doubts about them at first, but after the buy of my first UA shoes, all the doubts were gone.
    If there’s anyone out there who’s still doubting UA and going for swoosh for no reason, I highly recommend u try a pair of UA shoes. They are that good.

  2. they need to sign more athletes from NBA and they better make a signature shoes for Stephan Curry and Brandon Jenning

  3. It still dosent matter…no one cool wears UA- it is a die hard, middle America sports brand. They can try to buy themselves into cool. The 3 stripes is a legacy, nike is fresh and UA is a gym cult. When it comes down to the essence of what the brands stand for UA looses.

  4. It wasn’t that long ago (maybe 5-6 years) I thought they were a fringe brand only Dicks Sporting Goods sold. Its pretty crazy (sorry Adidas) they have become the second best selling brand. Especially since they haven’t relied solely on pro athletes and hype to sell their goods.

    1. Compression gear is their bread and butter. They dominate the fitness apparel world the same way Nike dominates the basketball world. If you go on Instagram and creep… lol I mean look at those thousands of pics of women doing squats/yoga poses, they usually rock UA, followed by Nike in a distant second place. Adidas slid down to third because they barely register a blip in the fitness apparel radar. That’s an entire market they are missing out on.

    2. Didn’t UAs CEO start the company by maxing out around 40K on credit cards? I thought that I read that somewhere. Pretty awesome if that’s how he started it all.

      I might have to read up on it.

  5. main reason is UA is aggressively pursuing other than pro sports, a significant portion of NCAA teams are sponsored by UA, and some extreme sports like skiing, skate, surfing, etc is where UA making it presence felt. i remember several years back UA was the trend in the microfibre dry fit shirts & compression suits.

  6. They sponser and sell kicks to thousands of AAU programs and high school level ball clubs. This is where they get their money. I played for a team recently affiliated with UA.

  7. just as long as underarmour focuses on quality, aesthetics, and performance and materials science, they will be in good hands.

  8. UA is doing great work, making great moves, also because their sales are heavy on serious Athletic use, so there’s less volatility to it. If they keep this up, they should be able to do what And1 but without the ‘burn-out’, so a sustained success.

    To adidas, stop abandoning viable concepts like PureMotion(the real 5-pod kind), continuity is a major, major-part of long-term success.

    1. Yeah, Adidas doesn’t seem to keep the same tech and improve upon it.

      Nike has a few different techs and they use it throughout their newer models.

      Adidas seems to abandon stuff and doesn’t continue to develop to improve it.

      What is that original PureMotion like anyway? Is there still any shoes available with it? What was the best shoe that had it?

        1. Apart from the Rose 1 and 1.5s, if someone can give me some of the model names of the others, I might see if I can get a hold of a pair from Ebay or somewhere else.

  9. Ua doing great things! Adidas better step up their game in the following months. I’m partially biased towards the 3 strips just because I have access to the employee store.

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