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Under Amour SpeedForm Fortis – Performance Review | JAHRONMON

Under Amour SpeedForm Fortis - Performance Review | JAHRONMON-2Traction:
While Under Amour has been putting more effort into the traction department, the tread on the SpeedForm Fortis isn’t anything spectacular. Going with a targeted traction pattern that provides better durability in high impact zones with less weight, the blue solid rubber areas are extremely durable while the rest of the tread is quite pliable and will show signs of wear after a few high intensity workouts. The entire tread works well in all conditions, only the blue solid rubber portions stand the test of time, while the rest of the traction stays in the past just like the calories you burned during your workouts. 

Under Amour SpeedForm Fortis - Performance Review | JAHRONMON-5Cushion: Last year Under Armour introduced their new Charged Micro G foam setup that provided a more responsive ride when “activated” with movement. Flagship models such as the Curry 1 and SpeedForm Gemini carry the new cushion setup with success – the Curry 1 scored the WearTesters ’Starting Five’ badge in its performance review – Under Amour seemed to have found yet another piece of proven technology that can hold its own to other marquee cushion setups such as Boost, Zoom Air, and Jetlon. But Under Armour went the extra mile on the Speedform Fortis to redesign and redefine the Charged Micro G cushion setup by essentially reversing the way it is structured. 

Internal View of the Cushion setup on the Curry 1

For example, the Curry 1 featured a standard Micro G carrier that had a Charged Foam layer encapsulated within that carrier. Again, this was perfectly fine as it scored high on nearly every performance review out there, but this time around the SpeedForm Fortis flipped the switch and uses a Charged foam in the midsole, while your foot sits on a Micro G layer and a 6mm 4D foam injected sockliner.

This reinvention on the construction of the cushion setup up made a world of difference and is the exact definition of taking something good and making it great. When idle, the Micro G layer and 4D foam insole provide an extremely plush feel that even molds to your unique foot shape with every wear, but when active, the cushion setup morphs into a responsive ride that provides ample energy return and impact protection. While some may find this cushion setup to be a tad bit too plush, my advice to them would be run harder.

Speedform Forts - 2

Materials & Fit: The true soul of the Speedform technology is to provide a distraction free environment for your foot so the wearer can focus on the task at hand. Under Armour achieves this by using an ultrasonic welding technique that creates a seamless next-to-skin-like fit for optimum comfort. Subtle additions such as the big toe/middle toe crease allow the upper to really wrap around your foot to giver really give that next-to-skin-like effect. Whether you have experienced Under Amour’s SpeedForm technology or not, the upper really wraps around your foot and provides a great one-to-one fit that can accommodate a wide variety of foot shapes and sizes.

Image Via Kenlu
Image Via Kenlu.net

*It is also worth nothing that there are two variations of the SpeedForm Forts, one featuring a mesh like material called Amour Vent, and the one you see in the photos provided which is a synthetic material that feels like a neoprene bootie. Both work well and one isn’t better than the other, but the Armour Vent version does provide more breathability.


Under Amour SpeedForm Fortis - Performance Review | JAHRONMON-1

Support: Support has been the achilles heel of the previous SpeedFrom models, as there just wasn’t enough to recommend a wide array of movements. Unless you were running forward (or backwards), support has been rather lackluster if you were planing on doing intense training that involved lateral movements. In fact, the SpeedForm Apollo used a TPU curve on the medial heel as a warning to let you know your foot was teetering off the footbed. However, in the SpeedForm Fortis UA added two main features that help provide more stability and support; both the heel straps and upgraded external heel cup allow your foot to remain on the footbed where it belongs and keep your foot from sliding during your training. These subtle additions keep the integrity of a distraction free environment for your foot, while beefing up the overall support, allowing you to use the SpeedForm Fortis as more of a trainer that can cross a wide variety of activities. 

Speedform Fortis - 1

Overall: The SpeedForm Fortis is packed with technology that has been fined tuned to bring us a complete package. The dynamic cushion setup provides plush comfort when idle but a responsive ride when pressure is applied. It pairs perfectly with the form fitting 4D foam injected sockliner for a true one-to-one fit. While the added support makes the SpeedForm Fortis a viable trainer for an array of activities, the seamless distraction free environment provided by the SpeedForm tech in the materials makes the Fortis a serious contender in your daily rotation as an everyday comfort shoe.

The Fortis is one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and more than justifies its $110 price tag, but what is most amazing is that not only is the Fortis comfortable as an everyday shoe, but just as functional as any of the top trainers on the market today. Think of the SpeedForm Fortis as Under Amour’s version of the adidas Pure Boost — a version that you can actually do stuff in rather than just look pretty and be comfortable. 

You can pick up the Under Amour SpeedForm Fortis at these select retailers: Under Amour | Dick’s | Sports Authority

SpeedForm Fortis Score Card Blue

  1. The cushioning has me excited for the Curry 2. Will be interesting to see which cushioning is better, the Curry 2 or DRose 6 (I will be copping one of those two lol)

  2. I own two pairs of the Fortis and might get more. They are easily and I mean EASILY some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn. I went on vacation and did a ton of walking on bad knees that I just finished months of physical therapy for and felt no pain at all. UA nailed it with this shoe.

    1. These sounds awesome. It seems like the traction durability is the only drawback. Have you ever tried on the Pure Boosts? If so, are these really as/more comfortable than them? If so, I gotta look at getting a pair.

      1. Yeah, I have tried the pure boosts. I have a pair of the 1st version. The only drawback that I had with those was that the tongue and ankle were firm. They weren’t soft like they appear to be on the newer versions so sometimes, it would dig into my ankle area and that was uncomfortable. I would give the pure boosts a slight edge in underfoot comfort with regard to the pillow effect but as an overall shoe with stability, I give the Fortis the W. I walked around in Mexico all day and felt nothing resembling discomfort at all.

        1. Thanks for that detailed explanation, Trezz. These sound really, really good because as you guys have said, they are also functional for doing athletic activities in them, not just casual use.

          Sounds like a much better overall option than the Pure Boosts, which is a shoe I’ve had on my ‘To buy’ list for quite a while just to try out for the comfort alone. The main reason I never bought a pair of those yet is because you can’t do anything else in them, so I was only going to get a pair if I could get them at a decent price.

          What colorways did you end up getting of the Fortis?

          1. No problem man. I have the Fortis Twist in black/white and I have the original Fortis in black/grey. I like how the Twist looked so I got them after getting the original.

  3. Nice review, Jarron, I tried these on and the cushion is incredible- honestly tied with my boost runners! Again, nice review.

  4. Wow. Did you just say that the cushioning is more comfortable than the Pure Boosts? You’ve pretty much sold me with that one line, and to top it off, they’re not just a shoe for casual use.

    Traction is the only drawback on these from the sounds of it.

  5. Good job, Jahron.

    Under Armour basically used all of their cushioning tech, if I am not mistaken, in a shoe retailed at good price range.

    Sounds like a good balance between plush,firmness, and responsiveness.
    If they used that exact setup in their basketball lineup then lookout.

  6. great review Jarron. I’ve been on the fence about these for a while based on looks. sounds like a fantastic shoe for everyday wear

  7. Under Armour really have to do something about their traction though.

    I find the durability a weak point in most of their shoes which has stopped me from buying a lot of their runners/trainers/basketball shoes. It’s just too weak in regards to durability where it both wears out quick and also sections can peel off and rip up. Not sure if the peeling has anything to do with the type of glue they use or just a design durability issue.

  8. This is one of it not the best review I have read on WearTesters. Excellent work. I recently picked up a pair of these for $50 shipped, and I think in addition to the cushioning, fit and construction that makes them an excellent value as well.

    I don’t know why UA insists on such non-existent traction on their runners but as someone who lives in a warm climate, I really don’t care. Beyond that I loved the balance here between lightweight cushioning and flexible support. Like you I found most UA models to lack support (some of the early Spine models were OK) but these are an improvement. The cushioning is exactly what I wanted after trying the Curry 1, something that put the soft foam on top and firmer material on the bottom. Really pillowy, one of the most cushioned shoes out there along with some of the middle models in the Nike Vomero and Mizuno Ultima series (shout out to the Enigma as well). Great shoe, would definitely recommend for light to moderate running and training that doesn’t require a ton of lateral movement.

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