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True Athelite Basketball Apparel Review

I haven’t done a performance product review in a while and now seems like the perfect time to take care of one with the Holidays coming up.

If you’ve been looking to purchase other apparel options besides the usual expensive suspects then True Athelite may be one you’ll want to look at.

I can really only give my personal opinion on the product itself in terms of aesthetics which to me is great. The apparel is simple and clean, there are other designs with cool slogans and all that if you want something more prominent as well, and the shorts I’m absolutely in love with.

Their tech specs include:
1. True e-Lite Fit™ fabric technology makes the shirt feel lightweight and natural on your body.
2. Enhanced sweat-wicking technology called No Sweat Tech+™, which keeps your body dry and comfortable during game time.
3. Completely tagless, which eliminates unnecessary irritation and keeps your body feeling comfortable.
4. Odor ProGuard™ reduces foul body odors after a long workout.
5. Prime UV Shield™ protects you from harmful UV rays during outdoor play.

The only thing I can note as a con – again, this is more a personal thing as some may feel differently – is the sleeves. I’d like to see a cut sleeve option or have the sleeve just a tad bit baggier… I’m a shooter so I don’t want any restriction if possible. This is why I enjoy wearing compression gear under my clothes, I can get the compression I want without any restriction.

As for the price… thats something I really prefer to not discuss. Sometimes when I say I feel something is listed at a lower budget price point then I get those that feel I’m wrong and not considering every person on the planet. All I will say is that the apparel is competitively priced and its priced lower than ‘top tier’ brands. You could save a few bucks by going to Walmart or Target but I like the fit of these products a ton more than I do the Target apparel… I actually have Target shorts on under the shorts being reviewed in the video because I feel thats all that Target apparel is good for… it feels like their stuff is designed for old people or those that want their items to fit snug to the body. Maybe its because I grew up in the 90’s but I prefer my hoop gear to be a little baggy. Not Allen Iverson baggy but a little baggy.

Hopefully this helps people out in terms of showcasing a new brand and filling you in on some of the information that I feel is important. If you like what you see and would like to try out True Athelite then you can access their site by clicking HERE.


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