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TRUE All Day Knit 3 Performance Review

True All Day Knit 3

In 2009, PGA Tour Member Ryan Moore and his brother Jason founded TRUE Linkswear.

In their own words, “TRUE set out on a mission to create comfortable, game-changing golf shoes that are so good, you might just want to wear them everywhere.”

After many holes of testing on three separate courses, I can report the TRUE All Day Knit 3 is one of the best hybrid golf shoes your money can buy.

A couple of weeks ago I was preparing for vacation with my family. TRUE was on my list of shoes to test, and the All Day Knit 3 seemed like it could be a good hybrid shoe for the week.

I knew that they’d probably be fine on the course, but I wasn’t sure if the All Day 3 would cut it for the other activities we had planned. Let’s just say that the shoes felt so good on my feet that I wore them about 75% of the week instead of my Brooks running shoes.

The TRUE All Day Knit 3 was well equipped for all we did including golf, mini golf, hiking, and lots of walking. The All Day Knit 3 even made an appearance in our family photos. I could go on and on about every situation I wore them in, but I should probably tell you how they performed on the golf course. Let’s dive into it.

TRUE All Day Knit 3

Price: $169 $145

Sizing: True to size

TRUE All Day Knit 3 Top View


I typically wear an 11.5 but TRUE sent me a 12.Normally, I’d drown in a 12 but the TRUE All Day Knit 3 was only slightly big on me. An 11.5 would’ve been perfect. I felt most of the looseness around my heels so if you hate heel slippage, order your normal size. Don’t size up.

TRUE All Day Knit 3 outsole traction


The TRUE All Day Knit 3 performed fine in this category.

The traction wasn’t anything to write home about, but it got the job done. There was definitely less traction when it was wet outside, and a little bit less traction than I prefer when working out of the bunker. If you already struggle in the sand, the All Day Knit 3 won’t help.

Although, the traction being average was to be expected considering the TRUE All Day Knit 3 is spikeless. If you’re okay with trading some traction for comfort, the All Day Knit 3 is a good choice.

TRUE All Day Knit 3 lateral view and cushion


The TRUE All Day Knit 3 is equipped with some technology to give you additional cushion. It also features additional heel support with a heel pad to help prevent heel rub.

TRUE also used a “Wanderlux Midsole” for added comfort. I felt this technology on the course as I walked around from shot to shot. The increase in comfort made this feel like I was playing in a typical daily wear sneaker. It’s an extremely comfortable golf shoe.

TRUE All Day Knit 3 heel support


It was helpful to wear this shoe in so many settings. I feel like I was able to determine just how good the TRUE All Day Knit 3 is for support.

The support was solid. It’s just as good or better than what you would expect from a typical casual sneaker.  The best part of the support on All Day Knit 3 was the arch support. My feet felt super supported. As someone with semi-persistent arch pain, they did my feet well.

It’s different from the typical support you feel in a golf shoe. I’ll say it again, if you’re okay trading top tier traction for comfort and support, these are TRUE(ly) perfect.

TRUE All Day Knit 3 medial cushion


At $169, I would say the TRUE All Day Knit 3 is  a bit overpriced. $169 is pretty standard for golf shoes, but with the All Day Knit 3 being more of a hybrid golf shoe, I’d say that they’re just slightly overpriced. I would love to see these closer to the $150 mark (Update: TRUE Linkswear recently lowered the price to $145).

We should also note that TRUE Linkswear is a smaller company. The company structure is definitely different from a large golf shoe brand like Nike or Footjoy. I don’t think TRUE is trying to rip anyone off. I believe this is the price point that works with their business model.

If you’re okay with paying that much for a spikeless golf shoe that can be used in various situations, it’s worth the money. If you want a golf shoe that is meant for the course only, your money is better spent elsewhere.

They’re priced right if you’re looking for an on and off the course golf shoe, and overpriced if you’re looking for an on course shoe. All in all, you’ll get your money’s worth and more if you’re wearing these for more than just golfing.

TRUE All Day Knit 3 breathability


The breathability of the TRUE All Day Knit 3 was subpar. Every time I took off my shoes, my feet left little sweat stains wherever I went. To be fair, I was experiencing 90 degree weather every day I tested them, but it’s worth noting. I personally don’t mind my feet being a bit sweaty, but if that’s a big no-no for you, I would steer clear.

I’d assume this issue is a tad worse in more humid climates. If I noticed it in a desert climate, I imagine it’s a bit worse playing in Florida.

Aside from the breathability, I wish the traction was better. The shoe is obviously catered towards casual golf so the average traction was to be expected, but as someone who is trying to improve with every single round, the traction wasn’t quite enough for me.

TRUE All Day Knit 3 both shoes on the green

The Wrap on the True All Day Knit 3

If we’re going solely off of the golf aspect of the TRUE All Day Knit 3, it’s a 7 out of 10. If we’re factoring in how dynamic it is in every setting, it’s a 9 out of 10.

I think it’s fair to meet close to the middle and give the TRUE All Day Knit 3 an overall 7.5 out of 10.

If you’re a competitive and aggressive golfer, I would search elsewhere. This specific TRUE shoe is suited for the golfer that wants to get out, enjoy golf, and repeat for fun. The All Day Knit 3 was a home run for what I needed on vacation. I can certify that it passed all my tests when in terms of walking and hiking. And they passed most of my golf tests too.

The TRUE All Day Knit 3 is PERFECT for someone looking for comfort both on and off the golf course.

Total Score
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How the Author Golfs

Tyler Allred (19 handicap): Golfs 2-3 times a week spending the bulk of his time playing actual rounds. Mostly pushes himself to improve every part of his game, but also enjoys a casual round of golf every now and then.


While TRUE Linkswear did send a pair of the All Day Knit 3 to facilitate this review, the company had no involvement in this review, didn’t receive an advance look at it, and has not attempted to influence it.

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