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Tracy McGrady Wore His New T-Mac Millennium at the 2018 adidas T-Mac Camp

tracy mcgrady new shoe
Photo via Hupu user 卡莫拉里

When some overseas sneaker spies leaked what could be the adidas Dame 5 and Harden Vol 3 they also grabbed photos of a new T-Mac shoe for Tracy McGrady. Yesterday, McGrady wore what is being called the “T-Mac Millennium” for his overseas basketball camp.

From what has leaked so far, it appears that the T-Mac Millennium is an update of the T-Mac 1 and T-Mac 2. It now features full-length Boost cushioning that is caged in the forefoot for stability.

The new shoe uses many of the classic design elements from McGrady’s like the synthetic toe cover, the aggressive lines, and high rising heel. However, the shoe also features new elements like a seemingly removable heel piece (with a yin-yang symbol behind it), graphics beneath icy outsoles, and what looks like an inner bootie.

There is no official word yet on when or if this new Tracy McGrady sneaker will come Stateside but we’ll update you when we know more.

For now, what do you think of the shoe? Let us now in the comments below.

adidas tmac millennium tracy mcgrady new shoe
Photo via @sneakerhighway23
tracy mcgrady new shoe on foot tmac millennium
Photo via @sneakerhighway23 / Hupu
adidas T-Mac millennium
Photo via Hupu user 虎扑用户715792
adidas T-Mac millennium tracy mcgrady
Photo via Hupu user 虎扑用户715792
tracy mcgrady t-mac millennium
Photo via Hupu user 卡莫拉里
tracy mcgrady new shoe
Photo via Hupu user 卡莫拉里


Source: Hupu / Hupu

  1. I think it looks awesome, even though it looks more like a trainer than a hoop shoe. The exposed boost in the back might be unstable, but I’m probably wrong.

  2. Wow that’s Nice T-MAC get’s a boost shoe,

    Looks nice, but some combinations looks off, like the red and blue.

  3. I think the white and gum pair Tracy is wearing looks clean as hell tho the others are alright but gum looks like a cop to me

  4. Its cool Adidas is revisiting some of their past models (or at least getting inspiration from) and utilizing boost. The materials look stiff and cheap though (I know the past Tmacs used similar materials) and it looks like heel lockdown might be questionable.

  5. If only those black ones had genuine leather upper it would be fuego. Boost + leather = my dream shoe.

  6. If they do the OG white/royal blue it’s a lock for me. I worked at Footlocker when the TMac and TMac 2 came out. Rocked them everyday.

  7. Dangggggg one of my favorite silhouettes is the T-Mac 2. I can’t believe I am going to have to get a pair lol. This is a must for me.

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