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Thoughts and Review on the Jordan Proto-React

Taking its lifestyle line in a new direction, we review the Jordan Proto-React.

Taking Flight to a whole new meaning, Jordan Brand takes inspiration from space and flight suits for its Proto series of footwear.

The shoe itself doesn’t have much to them: a basic upper made of basic materials, rubber podded outsole and React cushion midsole. It’s not a bad shoe overall, but not what I’ve come to expect from Jordan Brand from a design perspective.

However, it’s different which is what they were going for, and by the comments on the YouTube side of things, what some people actually want. This somewhat proves my end-of-video theory that this type of thing is simply something I don’t understand or connect with while the younger crowd does.

I come from a time when Jordan Brand and its products all tied directly to MJ, his accomplishments and even his footwear. Every product has had a touch of the old in it. Maybe it’s finally time for that to change. Maybe I don’t want it to.

While each new generation may know of Michael Jordan, they may not know Michael Jordan. At least not in the way that some of us that grew up watching him have come to know him.

It’ll be interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts on the subject. Is this new direction the right direction for Jordan Brand or is this missing the mark in some way? For me, it just doesn’t connect with me. Other than it having the Jumpman logo and the number 23, there is nothing here visually that reminds me of MJ at all. But that might be exactly what Jordan Brand needs.

Sound off below and let me know. If you happen to want to check the Jordan Proto-React out yourself, they’re currently available in two colorways at NikeStore.com for $150.

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  1. I dont know why, but I kinda like these. It has this retro-future vibe, like this would be what sneakers would look like in Blade Runner. I also kinda like that it doesnt recall past jordans. Not every jordan has to evoke some old jordan.

    However, its a weird shoe so I understand why its devisive. I dont know why jordan went all in with this look, releasing 3 similiar versions. Im thinking the appeal for this has a limited audience.

  2. There are two groups of MJ fans based on the era lived, I guess. The former group of fans are possibly over 35, watched MJ on TV while collecting his rings,
    emulated his moves on tarmac and witnessed him reinventing fadeaway jumpers. Myself also belonging to this group, we are fed by retroes cause he actually wore them. Latter group are young youtube fans. They learned MJ 10min clips, they really admire MJ but not fascinated by his accomplisments. They know MJ is a legend but rather fascinated by Steph, Durant, LBJ etc. So anything with a jumpman logo is okay for them when buying sneakers as long as it looks good, which is totally understandble. Even if I agree with you that these sneakers are just ordinary sneakers with a Jumpman logo on them, I think as aging MJ fans we are on the verge of being expendables. The future of Jordan, is for the the young fans as far as the whole story is about demand&supply.

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