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The Puma Uproar Appears in White/Red/Blue

The Puma Uproar appears in a ‘White/Red/Blue’ makeup.

A surprise new colorway of the Puma Uproar has made its way to retail without notice.

Unlike the pair released during the 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend, this version uses much more leather along the upper, which is a great look for the new hoop shoe. Color blocking on this Uproar is pretty simple, but gives a classic look as it points back to the days when Puma roamed the courts while being worn by Detroit Pistons point guard Isiah Thomas.

The Uproar has been a very good basketball shoe to play in throughout testing thus far. I think a lot of people will enjoy this model in comparison to the Puma Clyde Court.

If you’ve been wanting to try out the Puma Uproar yourself but have been waiting for another colorway, then this one might be what you were looking for. You can find the ‘White/Red/Blue’ edition available now for $130 at Baitme.com.

  1. Damn..they do not have size 8 on the site….have to wait another source to buy ! but thank you for sharing the news!

  2. Hard choice between these and the Isiah Thomas Palace Guards. Might wait for these to get discounted and go for Palace Guards first since those are $90 retail.

  3. Nightwing, do you know if there’s any place I can find the Jordan Supreme Elevation in size 13? I’ve only seen them on eBay but the largest size I’ve seen is 12 thanks.

      1. Obviously this website doesn’t exist specifically for me on any level and I never gave any indication that it did but I can ask a question about whatever I want on any article I want if Nightwing has a problem with that I’m sure he will let me know if he responds. Mind your business sir.

    1. Hi Mark. The Jordan Supreme Elevation has not released in the US yet. Overseas models tend to not release in larger than a 12 most of the time which is why you can’t find them in a 13 via the overseas drop. The most recent Jordan performance models have gone up to a size 18 so it’s likely that you’ll be able to find them in a sz 13 once they’re officially released Stateside.

      1. Ok thank you for responding I really appreciate it but man it sucks having larger feet I would’ve loved to been the first one around my area hooping in those lol. Sorry about your injury and hope you have a speedy recovery thanks for all you do especially your honesty about products.

  4. I have the ASG pair, and to be honest it’s pretty nice overall. Just a bit weird that the toe on that particular colorway is mesh when it should ideally be leather or something to take some abuse. Shoe also rides high. You’re not really in the midsole…yet support wasn’t an issue for me. Cushion is dense. Not horrible, but it’s not for everyone.

  5. Great colorway, and materials on this one, I’m really hoping Puma will do more team-colorways on their BB-sneakers.

  6. These look fantastic! Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a sneaker or athletic store close to me that are selling these or the Clyde Court. I’ve been wanting to try on a pair in store, see how the fit is and go from there.

  7. So first Mark was an idiot for asking, then an idiot for expecting and answer, then Nightwing is a douche for not ever answering, then he’s a dick for answering?

    Are you off your meds?

    1. Duke4005, please don’t waste your time, that’s all he’s looking for is someone to respond back to his ignorance. I appreciate your articles as well keep up the good work.

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