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The Kyrie with Full-Length Zoom Air

Remember that one time a Kyrie shoe came equipped with full-length Zoom Air?

There was a time when Kyrie Irving wore shoes with cushion. Great cushion.

Prior to his signature line of footwear, Irving wore many Nike Basketball team models. We’ve even had the opportunity to purchase PE editions of these shoes, including the Hyperdunk and HyperRev, but each model has been vastly different from what we’ve seen come from his actual signature model.

The original HyperRev is a great example as these feature full-length Zoom Air cushioning. Meanwhile, most of his signature shoes feature no cushioning at all.

While taking a look back at the original HyperRev, I was surprised that I didn’t love them as much as I remember. The standout features like the Zoom Air, are still stand out features but the way the build contains, or doesn’t, was something that I feel Nike Basketball has improved upon quite a bit. It’s not perfect, however, as we still have duds release like the KD10 and KD11, but the KD12 has changed all of that.

Taking a look back is always fun to do so I hope you enjoyed the video and conversation. Feel free to leave your thoughts below if you have anything to add.

As a side note, I understand there are rumors about Kyrie’s personal pairs being equipped with full-length Zoom Air, but there has never been any proof — only speculation. The only addition to his shoes that there is proof of is the use of a carbon fiber plate that runs up the forefoot. Keep that in mind before saying Kyrie’s pairs have Zoom. Speculation is fun, but it isn’t truth.

  1. Great video dude. I would love to see more content like this, looking sneakers past and how they’be evolved into what is currently on the shelves. Also I loved my hyperrevs, too bad they were a half size too small so I decided to give them away.

  2. I have a sample pair 1/2 size up. Kinda wish I had TTS, but this is prime Inaccessible Era of Nike Basketball. This and the Soldier 9 just made no sense in terms of why they had to be so hard to put on.

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