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The Air Jordan 19 ‘Flint Grey’ Retro Pays Tribute to Melo

The Air Jordan 19 Retro in ‘Flint Grey’ finds a way to pay tribute to Carmelo Anthony.

In an era where there has to be a story, any story, attached to a sneaker — we have a Melo tribute coinciding with the release of the Air Jordan 19.

While subtle, it’s still strange to see the link to Melo with these. Granted, MJ never played in a pair during an NBA game as he did with the Air Jordan 18, but that doesn’t make this any less weird. Will Gary Payton or Jason Kidd get a small nod if the colorways of the Air Jordan 19 SE see a Retro release? It’s doubtful. I doubt we’ll even see the Air Jordan 19 SE return in 2019 — fingers crossed.

As far as the AJ19, the shoe is an awesome shoe to play in. Just keep those shins guarded as the tag atop the mamba shroud chafes the skin. Cushioning and lockdown are the shoes standout features — with full length Zoom Air and a double stacked unit in the heel.

If you were interested in grabbing a pair, the Air Jordan 19 ‘Flint’ Retro will hit select retailers on January 5 for $225.

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via US11/Nike

  1. I hope they sit for a while. I’d like another pair just so I can compare them to my originals which are still very wearable. Probably the most cushioned game shoe. The insole alone is super awesome!

  2. I bet they thought melo would still be on a team when they were planning to release these. But hey, at least they’re releasing. Its nice to see a more obscure j get retroed than just the usual suspects.

  3. $225 is steep for this, but this is a shoe ive always wanted to hoop in (double stacked zoom FTW) but never had the chance. If they end up at the outlets ill cop for the low

  4. They’d be incredibly stupid if they do not retro the SE…however on second thought, yes, they are that stupid. They’d probably do a retro leaving out the most important parts, ala the Vin Baker shoe.

  5. Really like these but why do the 16-19s have to be over 200 dollars? Other than people who actually like Jordan’s as opposed to hypebeasts nobody is going to pay this much. The more the merrier though, hopefully they go on discount.

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