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StrengthTape Review

StrengthTape ReviewI love wearing compression gear when hooping but it’s not practical off-court (most of the time) even though your muscle and joint pain stays with you wherever you go.

StrengthTape is a great product that isolates your aches/ pain and treats the muscles and joints with constant compression. Water resistant and lasts for 7 days (tested and proven) which is a huge plus as all you have to do is apply then forget about it. Everything that compression gear can provide, StrengthTape can do just as good… 24/7 and in some parts of the body it actually can perform or compress better than a simple shirt/ short or sleeve can. The only con that I ran into was that in order to apply the tape properly, the area has to be nearly hairless… my legs are (were) anything but… so if you are even remotely related to Sasquatch… compression clothing might be a better option vs a tape product.

Other than the one drawback, the product works great and that the most important aspect. If you need slightly more detail then hopefully the video review answers any questions you may have. If not, I can try to answer them the best I can if time is available.

I don’t recommend using StrengthTape as a support feature in replace of a brace but I do recommend it in replace of compression gear/ components.


  • Covers a wide verity of ailments
  • Provides constant, isolated compression where you need it
  • Water resistant & will stay in place even if you sweat
  • Easy to use/ apply
  • Can stay on the body for up to 7 days


  • Area needs to be hairless

If you are interested in trying StrengthTape out for yourself then head over to their site HERE.

  1. the NBA banned d rose’s kinesio tape. i see these in a lot of college games locally though. would duct tape be a good alternative? hahaha!

    1. D rose used it for his neck. And also the NBA reconsidered the ban after some complaints by the union I think and they allowed it on an evaluation/experimental basis

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