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Stash x Reebok Question Mid ‘Red’ Available Now

stash-reebok-question-red-7The Stash x Reebok Question Mid ‘Red’ has become available at Sneakersnstuff…something went awry, because these weren’t supposed to drop until the very end of October. These are supposed to be more limited than the Stash x Reebok Question Mid ‘Blue’ that ended up on sale everywhere. Stash x Reebok Question Mid ‘Red’ also retails for $139, a bit more than its ‘Blue’ counterpart.

Check the comments on SNS’s IG post for this shoe….some stuff going on in there (if it hasn’t been deleted) between two people that had a lot to do with this shoe…

stash-reebok-question-red-2 stash-reebok-question-red-1 stash-reebok-question-red-11 stash-reebok-question-red-6 stash-reebok-question-red-3 stash-reebok-question-red-4Via SNS / SNS IG


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