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Under Armour Spotlight DreamChaser FG – Performance Review

The Spotlight DreamChaser FG soccer boot from Under Armour uses SpeedForm technology to provide great fit and feel. But how does it actually perform? Find out with the WearTesters performance review of the UA Spotlight DreamChaser FG.

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Materials & Fit
 –  Right out of the box, I was not impressed. The fit seemed a tad too long while the materials felt stiff and cheap but after a short break in period the Spotlight FG proved me wrong. The materials softened up a bit and after a while I didn’t even notice that they were there. Plus, the superb lockdown fit made the extra dead space in the toebox area a non-issue. However, the midfoot area was very narrow and was too constricting to call it a comfortable experience, so wide-footers beware.

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Support – The visible cage located on the lateral mid-foot does enough to add the necessary structure and support without feeling overwhelming or bulky. There is also an external heel cup that wraps around your heel nicely and the SpeedForm technology in the heel uses a seamless heel cup that provides unrivaled fit and feel. Under Armour also added internal traction pads on top of the usually smooth inner lining that comes with SpeedForm to ensure that your foot does not move within the boot, keeping you locked in place.

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Traction –  Using an individual stud pattern, the traction on the Spotlight FG encourages quick changes in direction and explosive first steps — exactly what you will get. I never felt like the traction got in the way of where I wanted to go. I was able to plant and take off at my own discretion with out any interference. However, the heel area did feel a bit wobbly but as long as you keep moving forward, the Spotlight FG will keep you covered.

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Comfort – As I mentioned in the Materials and Fit sections, the midfoot was narrow enough to cause some discomfort. The SpeedForm tech in the heel and inner lining provide a seamless experience that can only be described as smooth but once you experience it for yourself, you’re not going to want to go back to traditional inner linings. There is also a 4D foam footbed that provides some extra cushion and padding in the inner lining and will mold to your unique foot shape. If you can get past the narrow fit in the midfoot the Spotlight FG is an extremely comfortable soccer boot.

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Overall – There aren’t a whole lot of features utilized on the Spotlight FG that will blow you away on paper but once you play in it for a little bit you will be very satisfied with what it has to offer. The extremely comfortable inner lining and fantastic fit and feel in the heel will keep you focused on the game rather than what’s on your feet. The materials break in very nicely to provide both protection and great ball feel. But, if you’re a wide footer you may want to look elsewhere. The heel portion of the traction can feel a little wobbly so defenders might want to find a more stable boot.

  1. I love how Weartesters performance review all types of footwear. I knew UA did football cleats well but now I know they do soccer too. Good performance review by Jarron.

  2. Cleats? fuck yea! Now if I can get a baseball cleathead on the weartesters team so I know what brand does metal cleats the best..

  3. nice review! good to see different types of sports footwear videos, especially soccer used to be my main sport as well

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