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Slipp-Nott Traction Mat Review

The Slipp-Nott Traction Mat is a great product in my personal opinion.

Its easy to use, no chemicals are featured and it promotes cleanliness on the hardwood. Instead of just applying a layer of liquid to your soles, the Slipp-Nott mat actually removes the dust and debris from the court with every step, transferring the unwanted debris onto the sticky surface and leaving it there… where it belongs.

The prices do vary depending on the size you wish to order however, it keeps the floor clean instead of covering up or temporarily hiding the situation at hand.

Personally, I felt the small size was perfect for myself and the other players on the court using the product. If you happen to be an individual who prefers not to share, there is a ‘mini-mat’ size available at a reasonable price and its also fairly compact and able to fit into a gym bag or backpack.

One simple remedy for the price is to purchase the mat for a team or rec league. This way everyone pitches in a little money since everyone will benefit from its use. Additionally, if you are a company or business – or even a hard core hoop team – you can purchase a custom traction mat with logos and text featured on the face of the product which I think it down right awesome.

You don’t have to limit its use to just Basketball either… any indoor sport applies and is recommended.

If you wish to learn even more about Slipp-Nott’s Traction Mat surfaces, visit their site at http://www.slipp-nott.com/ and take a look around. You can also order the products their as well.

Thanks for reading and or watching the review and we will be back soon with more performance reviews and product reviews!


  1. great review. i always wanted to know how these worked so these are definitely on my radar. i’d love to get a matt for my team but we practice on those plastic puzzle pieces and it’s super attractive to dust and debris so i don’t think the matt would last.

    1. Thanks! The mat is actually perfect for those floors, which i play on as well, since it will transfer the debris to the mat eventually. Its a slow process but it does the trick throughout the night.

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